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4 Steps to Design Your Own Man Cave

4 Steps to Design Your Own Man Cave

“The Man Cave.” – The Man Cave is the term men use to describe our area of the home. The spouse does not have the final approval of the design. Usually the area is in the basement or den of your house. A common problem most men have is designing the Man Cave in the first place. We want to make sure the room is worthy of being called a “Man Cave.”

In this article I want to give you four steps to design your own Man Cave design.

First of all I realize we are not interior designers nor do we want to be. However, we need to make the room look professional yet have a man’s touch. Let’s take a look at the 4 steps needed to design the perfect Man Cave.

#1 Big Screen HDTV.

Before I begin I assume you have a quality big screen TV as the focal point. The TV is design element the entire room is designed around. The TV is most important element since you will be spending hours watching sports and movies in your Man Cave.

The position of the TV is crucial since you want to be able to see the game from most, if not all the seats in the room. The first thing to do is figure out the position of your TV.

#2 Pick Out a Theme

The next step is to pick a theme for your Man Cave room. I will assume you are a fan of some sport; you could a fan of the NFL, MLB, NBA or NCAA team maybe NASCAR. Regardless of the sport I am sure you are fan of couple teams in these leagues.

The main decision to make is how much detail you want to have in your decor.

1. Do you want to hang a couple pictures of your favorite player or team?

2. Do you want to go full bore and have everything about your team from floor covering to the walls decorated with plaques, pictures and team mirrors?

Most men decide to go the middle road with pictures of their favorite players or game and team banners.

#3 Theme Development Time

After you complete step two of picking out a theme now you need to get the detail of the Man Cave decor. If you are a fan of say the Green Bay Packers you have to decide how you want to display your passion for the Green Bay Packers.

The Green Bay Packers have a rich tradition over the past four decades. First, you can choose to go the history route of the Green Bay Packers by including pictures of coaching great Vince Lombardi along with Bart Starr. Depending on your position you definitely want to consider including pictures of Brett Favre. The final part would be to have pictures of their last Super Bowl win, Super Bowl XLV.

Once the team and player pictures are completed you can then decide to add smaller items such as Super Bowl coins to the collection.

The detail part of the design is essential. You want to make sure when your friends enter they know what team or sport you are supporting.

#4 Bar or Game Table

The final element is to decide if you want a game table or a bar. Ideally you would want to have both a game table for cards and a bar with refrigerator. The refrigerator is essential because you do not want to have to go upstairs all the time for your favorite beverage.

Many guys like to have a game table for poker or other card games because our favorite team is not playing 7 days a week. If you have enough room you can make a separate area for your game table. In this area you could add pictures or bar mirrors of your favorite beverage such as Budweiser or other mirrors.

Regardless of how you decide to design your Man Cave make sure it is unique. With all the available products from pictures to plaques to banners you can design your own Man Cave easily. Making the Man Cave decor personal is an important ingredient only you can add.