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5 Simple Tips to Being Healthy!

5 Simple Tips to Being Healthy!

Make up your mind and take action. If you have already decided to make a change, next is taking action on your decision. If you have only a partial commitment expect only to mediocre results. Realistic goals about your goal weight should be set as well. In other words, don’t expect be at your goal weight after only a week of exercise and making good food choices. As the weeks go by your changes will be more visible. Consistency is the key. Having your mind made up and setting goals helps you to stay on track while traveling as well. Write your goals down and post them everywhere to remind to take action.

1.) Breakfast is imperative

Yes you’ve heard it before. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. The name breakfast says it all: “Break the overnight fast,” and this is solely accomplished by eating something. Your body has been without food for hours. The body has found slipped its way into a fasting or semi-starvation state. In this state your metabolism begins to slow down. By the way, waking up and grabbing a fancy coffee drink is not breakfast. In fact, adding these additional drinks only leads to more calories than an average breakfast. These drinks do not satiate you so within an hour or two you’ll be hungry and need to eat.

2.) Proper planning.

When making food choices, honestly assess what you’re eating. Try asking yourself out loud, “Will eating this food get me closer to my goal?”. The bad thing about eating while traveling is you’re probably not in control of how your food’s prepared. Therefore to make better food choices, try looking and choosing the meal you eat before you enter the restaurant. The main thing is to be prepared. Everybody loves French fries or donuts. It’s the fat in them that makes them taste so good, but eating these types of foos on a regular basis will make it more difficult, if not impossible, to attain your desired shape.

3.) Eating for pleasure is a human experience.

Our ability to make better food choices has been blinded by the mass manufacturing of high fatty foods which serve no purpose other than for taste. It’s possible these drive-through restaurants were OK when you were younger, but as you get older, your metabolism slows down, and you more than like are not nearly as active to be able to eat for taste alone.

4.) Don’t Skip meals.

This leads to the creation of hunger and hunger makes people do some of the weirdest things. When you go long periods without eating, you lose ability to make good food choices. It’s at the time when hunger kicks in, where we grab any and everything. These things are usually the high sugars and high fatty foods. Eating smaller, more frequent meals about every 3hrs four to six times a day will help keep hunger at and minimum and help to keep blood sugar levels under control.

5.) You must move more.

Including more movement into your daily activities helps your chances out of burning more calories. Even if you only 15-30minutes in your day to exercise, it can do the trick. At best, we’re talking less than 1/12 of your day. You must look for more ways to integrate more movement into the rest of your waking hours. Think how much more of an impact you can have. Taking walks at lunch or at a break. Parking farther away from where you’re going. You can try taking the stairs, instead of using elevators. Walk down the hall at work to talk with coworkers opposed to using the intercom. Use the speakerphone at work and pace around the room as you talk. Don’t take the path of least resistance! Include resistance training. Even if your goal is fat loss, this aspect of your training is paramount. Resistance exercise burns more calories, strengthens bones, reduces risk of heart disease, improves strength and coordination for daily activities, makes you look better and makes fat loss easier.

These 5 simple eating strategies can help you stay healthy. There is no magic solution. It isn’t dependent upon a special pill, the perfect ratio of protein, carbohydrate and fat or a secret sequence of exercises. We’re using common sense, discipline and consistency. To obtain and maintain a healthy weight, you must eat properly, consistently, and you must include movement and exercise into your lifestyle, forever.