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5 Tips That You Really Need to Become a Freestyle Soccer Player

5 Tips That You Really Need to Become a Freestyle Soccer Player

Are you curious about freestyle soccer? Need a way to start your freestyle journey? Then here are 5 tips to begin your journey in freestyle soccer whether to make it as your career or as a hobby. But first, freestyle soccer is simply the ability to not just juggle the ball but to combine those tricks with your juggling that makes it enjoyable for people to watch!

1. Proper Gear and Equipment

Equip yourself with a proper gear that gives you the “feel good” factor. It doesn’t matter what others think but more importantly is that you feel comfortable and ready to play freestyle soccer. Typically freestyle players prefer three quarter pants and a t-shirt along with a pair of 5-aside shoes or trainers.

2. Warming-Ups

It’s crucial to warm-up yourself starting with a light jog, normally 2-3 rounds on court before practicing freestyle. You’ll gradually loosen up those muscles through jogging and stretching to prevent from any injuries and improve your overall performance in freestyle.

3. Juggle the ball

The first step to your freestyle is to go back to basics, juggling a ball. Simply by throwing the ball at waist height and kick it as it falls. Repeat the same steps and try to do it without throwing the ball in the air. You should improve your touches, balance and coordination with the ball.

4. Plant the ball

The next hard thing is to balance the ball on any part of your body, known as planting or stalling a soccer ball. Various techniques from planting with foot, thigh, shoulder and head. Practise by placing the ball on your foot and balance it for as long as you can.

5. The First Soccer Trick

Once you’ve mastered the first two. Now it’s time to learn a simple soccer trick in freestyle. I’d recommend the “ATW“, known as Around the World, done by rotating your knee over the ball from a foot plant and kick the ball as you complete the rotation. It’s simply a step over of juggling, only you’re doing it while juggling instead of on the ground.

Follow these 5 steps carefully and you should be raring to go. Enjoy it and welcome to freestyle soccer!