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An Excuse To Goof-Off

An Excuse To Goof-Off

According to Holiday Insights.com, March 22 has been set aside as National Goof-Off Day. Although the Bible warns against wasting away all of our time with fun and games (Ecc. 7:4), God also wants us to enjoy life to the fullest (John 10:10).

Many of us tend to take life too seriously. We work hard all day and then become so tired that we don’t take the time (or have the energy) to relax and let loose with our families. So why not take advantage of this special day and see how much fun goofing-off can be, especially when you do it with the ones you love.

If it’s been a while or you just don’t have a clue what qualifies as “goofing off,” a few ideas are listed below. Remember: any type of work is off-limits today – and that includes mopping, dusting, and laundry!

o Build a fort – Round up all of the blankets and sheets and pull those chairs into a circle. Build the coolest fort ever. See how creative you can be. If the weather allows, haul the card tables and folding chairs outside. Build a gigantic yard fort and give away “tickets” for a tour to the neighborhood kids.

o Park it! Pack a picnic lunch and head to the park for an afternoon of fun. Don’t forget the Frisbees and ball gloves.

o Go to school! Not for math, social studies and science, but for recess! Take turns pushing each other on the swings, crawl through the tunnels, slip your way down the slides and climb on the monkey bars and other playground equipment. School will never be so much fun!

o Permission to be board. Take out all of those dusty board games. Set the timer for fifteen minutes and when the timer goes off, reset it and switch to the next game. Whoever’s ahead at the end of fifteen minutes is the winner! For those who are up for a little competition, keep track of how many wins each player racks up.

o The buck stops here. Give everyone a buck and take a trip to the nearest dollar store. See who ends up with the most fun purchase.

o Chalk it up. Maybe you’ve chosen sidewalk chalk with your dollar bill. Use your driveway as the canvas and create a masterpiece.

o Blow bubbles. Not the soapy kind but kind you chew. Pop a huge wad of chewing gum into your mouth and see who can blow the biggest bubble (without it ending up all over their face).

o Movie Marathon. Have each person choose their favorites then settle in for a whole day of movies. Don’t forget the popcorn, candy and soda. This is one day that you’re allowed to put the healthy eating aside.

Don’t think of goofing-off as wasting time you could be spending at work or doing something you consider more productive. There is nothing more fruitful than strengthening the bonds (while having fun) with your family. Tomorrow, it’s back to work. But today, enjoy life to the fullest.

Today, you have permission to goof-off.