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Another Sports Season, Another Satellite TV Subscription

Another Sports Season, Another Satellite TV Subscription

How is it that satellite TV subscriptions seem to spread like wildfire among sports fans? Is there some magical difference that really makes it all that different compared to a cable subscription, for example? The answer, in short, is yes; “magical” will probably be one of the first words that comes to the mind of a sports lover that acquires a satellite connection. All in all, satellite has become the premiere provider of the most varied and thorough sports coverage available on the market today.

Cable subscribers know full well what the limitations of a sports package on cable are: especially for those that have moved from another part of the country, local and regional restrictions really put a pretty big obstacle in the way of achieving broad coverage. Not so on satellite, where at least you’ll be counting on a wide extraction of games and highlights from all over the country and the world, and at best you’ll be dealing with packages that will exceed what you thought possible on TV. Take the NFL Sunday Ticket, for example, which gives subscribers every football game on Sundays in HD, simultaneously in applicable cases, and with the option of viewing up to eight games on one screen. You’ll never find a more rounded offer in sports programming, period.

The high definition factor is fairly crucial, too. Not only does satellite beat out cable in general HD programming, but in the sporting arena things are also so. Why would you want to watch a fraction of the games played every week in standard def, when you could be watching all of them in high def? Nobody with the option would make that choice; and with the competitive prices of satellite, everyone that can afford a cable subscription can afford one for satellite, too-with better packages!

Again touching on the issue of regional limitations, cable offers viewers very little international sports options. Satellite companies, on the other hand, already having significant presences in several countries in the best cases, have the international sporting events covered almost as well as local sports. The sorts of sports that in the U.S. may not be popular enough to attract massive audiences (but nonetheless have dedicated fans in the country) get more than their fair share of coverage on satellite. Soccer lovers, usually doomed to a life of brief highlights and no live games, will get all the best action, live, from the European and South American leagues, or whichever should be their preference. Even the solitary cricket fan has something to float his boat.

Need the explaining really go on? Most people-regardless of whether or not they’ve read this article, or are cable or satellite subscribers or not-already have been able to discern where the marketing is veering toward, and it’s obviously in the direction of extended coverage, simultaneous alternative feeds that prevent the viewer from being constricted by regional sympathies, and all the other great improvements listed above. With the way things are shaping up for satellite customers, it’s tough to predict what fate awaits their cable peers.