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Aspen Airport

Aspen Airport

I am kind of a lucky guy as I get to spend a lot of time at Aspen Airport during the winter ski season, and the place is always changing, often with the weather. The thing that I like the most is watching the people coming in to Aspen, as there are all sorts from A list entertainment celebrities, corporate executives, to snow boarders coming into Aspen for the Winter X Games put on here every year for over 10 years by ESPN.

Aspen airport has 2 terminals but most people only see the public side which is where the regular scheduled flights come into. Aspen Pitkin airport has regular service from United and Frontier airlines from US Cites like Chicago, New York, Atlanta and my favorite LA , but if you go down the Aspen Airport access road a little bit you will see the Aspen FBO, which is where all of the corporate jets are parked. Aspen is the busiest corporate jet field in the world every year for two weeks around Christmas some years it is so full of planes that they need to park them at other airports like Eagle Vail rifle and even in Grand Junction.

Aspen Pitkin Airport is a fun landing for the airline pilots that service the Aspen Snowmass Basalt area. The mountains surrounding Sardy field makes it so that the approaches are limited. I believe I heard them say that they only have 110 degrees to work with which apparently is very tight.

Aspen many times has closures for various reasons like wind and snow. I have seen it many times where Aspen was closed but Eagle Vail airport was open but that is why people come to Aspen in the winter time is the great snow, so you cannot have great powder days unless you get dumps of snow.