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Baseball Memorabilia – How to Protect an Autograph on a Baseball Bat

Baseball Memorabilia – How to Protect an Autograph on a Baseball Bat

Most sports enthusiasts who collect souvenirs are thrilled when they find items that have been autographed by their favorite players. This is especially true when a baseball fan acquires a well-preserved baseball bat with the player’s autograph etched into the wood, or written onto the bat.

Besides meaning a lot to the collector who has such an item, the owner usually considers the item priceless. The collector also knows how very difficult it is to preserve an item, especially a vintage bat. In that regard, the list below details what you can do to retain the autographed bat in its most preserved state.

To preserve and protect the bat, lightly spray the autographed area with an aerosol can of hairspray. The lacquer in the hairspray will seal the area but it will not damage the autograph. However, before you attempt to spray your bat, you might want to test the brand of hairspray you’re using and spray a similar type of ink on a piece of paper.

After the hairspray has dried and sealed in the autograph on the bat, try to only handle the bat one more time and place it where you’d like it stored. The more you handle a vintage collectible the quicker it will deteriorate. Each time you handle the bat is one more instance of its value decreasing, so try to avoid all handling unless it’s absolutely necessary to move the item.

Humidity destroys collectibles, so please remember to keep the autographed bat away from any humidity. Do do not want moisture to affect the ink that was used for the autograph. The quality of the autograph will be affected if the bat is exposed to excessive moisture and humidity. In fact, the wood that the bat is made of could be detrimentally affected also.

Next, you will want to avoid letting any prolonged sunshine penetrate into the bat. The autograph’s ink could fade if the bat is exposed to too much sunlight. Another type of light that is not good for vintage bats is fluorescent lighting. Thus, besides storing the bat inside a dark area, display case, or closet, just make sure that it receives indirect light only.

As the owner of an autographed bat, you will probably want to show it off to your friends and family. If you do, it’s advisable to only have others admire the bat from a distance, rather than handling it. In order to keep your bat safe, you might need to purchase a baseball bat display case that can be locked. In that way, you will keep your precious bat preserved and protected.

Most display cases are made of wood and rather than a glass enclosure, clear acrylic window panes are used, which actually keeps out approximately 98 percent of any ultraviolet rays. Keeping your autographed bat inside of a display case will make the bat last longer, and since it won’t be handled by anyone, you won’t have to worry about any smudges, nicks, or accidental spills that could occur.