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Baseball Tips on Hitting Slumps

Baseball Tips on Hitting Slumps

Hitting slumps is one aspect of baseball that players would like to prepare for in advance. It’s an experience you want to avoid if at all possible. In my 14 years of playing, baseball tips on hitting slumps are the most important tips a player can receive.

Hitters need to develop a full-proof plan to avoid slumps and hit better. Keep in mind that pitchers are always looking for way to strike you out, so they gladly welcome your slumps. With the proper skill, patience and a little bit of luck, you can outsmart and beat the pitcher.

Anyone who plays baseball long enough is bound to get in a hitting slump. But those who are knowledgeable with baseball tips on hitting are better able to recognize the slump and find a way out quickly.

There are three main types of slumps we want to identify today.

  1. Mechanical slumps – Caused by issues with the mechanics of your swing.
  2. Mental slumps – Caused by losing confidence and doubting yourself.
  3. Tough luck slumps – Tough luck with balls hit right at players several times in a row.

So how do you get out of these slumps? With mechanical slumps, go back to the basics of hitting and practice them every day. Keep your front shoulder and hips back and wait for the ball. You should also avoid jerking your head at all costs.

With mental slumps you need to take a breather and clear your mind. Don’t get down on yourself and start to doubt your hitting abilities. Approach the plate each time with confidence and know that you will get the job done. Baseball is the great game of chances. If you mess up, you will get another chance in your next at-bat.

Tough luck slumps are the most annoying because you can have your mechanics down, your confidence up and drill the ball right at someone five times in a row. You can rip the ball and the other player makes a diving catch. It’s a game of inches and this shouldn’t get you down because before you know it, your hits will start falling. Be patient and keep working hard.

Learn how to recognize when you may be entering a hitting slump and put your newly acquired baseball tips on hitting to use. You may need a parent or a teammate to help you work through them. Rely on others if you want to have a successful baseball career. Don’t be afraid to ask a veteran player or your coach to help you out. Keep your head up and have fun because baseball hitting is one of the most enjoyable activities in all sports. Don’t let slumps get you down.