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CCM Ice Stakes Are Great For Ice Hockey

CCM Ice Stakes Are Great For Ice Hockey

On the ice rink, the boot determines how an individual moves. It is also important in the sport of ice hockey. Because the game play is very quick and sometimes long, the players must feel very comfortable in their this boots to be able to play effectively. There are some companies that specialize in making ice hockey skate boots. These companies offer a unique feature system that includes innovative features designed for these types of this.

CCM IS are made with some of these innovative features and are an easy choice for any ice hockey player. The CCM ice skate boots are made to last longer; several types also include the company’s unique F-I-T system which creates custom fit ice skates while others offer ankle pads and comfortable foot beds. By design, all ice hockey skates are made different to those used in figure and recreational ice skating. The momentum of ice hockey is such that players need to constantly be on the move and making quick halts and stops, so this needs a specific design. With ice hockey as well, this can wear quickly sometimes within a season. This is due in part to the materials used to make the ice skates but also to the amount of time; players spend skating across an ice rink.

CCM makes ice hockey skates and has a after sales support system that offers things like skate blade replacements and on some of its boots includes the CCM E-blade pro remover tool. This is great for this players of all disciplines whether they are beginners all the way through to being professionals. In addition to its ice skates, CCM also makes IH accessories such as hockey sticks, bags, helmets and gloves that can provide a customized turnkey solution for any first time ice hockey buyer. If one were to cut through a properly honed ice skate blade vertically (though it is not recommended), they would find that the base of the blade has a curved groove ground in it. This curved feature or “groove” is made by a spinning abrasive machine that is fitted to form a part of a circle, whose radius is referred to or known as the Radius of Hollow (ROH). This ROH is used to make all ice skates including CCM ice skates. The ROH has a major effect on the feel and strength of the ice skate on the ice. The ROH is essentially the thickness of the skate blade. Most times the ROH is somewhere between ¼” ROH and 1″ in width, there are rare extreme cases where it can reach 2″ in size. The ROH is mainly determined by a person’s weight, ice thickness, skill level and discipline. Most experienced ice skaters usually require a bigger ROH as they are able to navigate themselves on the ice rink much easier. This skaters also use a large ROH and this is important to be considered when one is purchasing a pair of this skates.

Especially a new comer to ice hockey skates, understanding that CCM ice skates are available in different ROH sizes and types to suit different skill levels makes it possible to find a suitable pair CCM skates with or without purchase assistance, of course.