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Daily Fantasy Sports: The New Means Of Social Networking

Daily Fantasy Sports: The New Means Of Social Networking

The perfect union in the online world has been born: a daily fantasy sports website intertwined with a social networking widget. With this setup, players can create mini-leagues, share and receive real time update, and even chat with the other players from various teams. This further encourages a sense of camaraderie that would later on nurture a deeper love for this new era of gaming.

Several creators of daily fantasy sport websites are also working with the appropriate agencies in developing match centers wherein pre, post and live match stats can be accessed. Hence, these centers can easily become hot hubs where like-minded gamers converge, challenge each other, and maybe even share their strategies.

Daily Fantasy Sports Goes Mobile

Because social gaming is expected to be a growing industry for the years to come, it is not surprising that it has gone mobile too. DraftKings has recently introduced the first mobile app for daily fantasy sports and that’s the Big Baller.

The Big Baller is an easy-to-play game that has been simplified to run under the resolution required by your android phone. It is best for casual and expert gamers who may always be on the go but would not mind a quick play anywhere.

But even if the entire sport has gone mobile, there remains a touch of the essence of social networking. Players can still connect with friends through instant messaging or through one-on-one battles. Not only that, the mobile version of the daily fantasy sports allows you to test your skills against the app via the nine levels of play accessible. This would help you understand the mechanics of the game and learn the many strategies needed in order to master the play but without spending anything as capital.

The Areas of Daily Fantasy Sports

From a virtual golf game, daily fantasy sports now have numerous faces. Aside from golf, you can also play football and baseball. The core rules remain the same though: you can make your own team that will play against another team. It won’t matter how you name your team because unlike the traditional game, there aren’t any sponsors involved. You can even create your team with players of almost the same level of skill so that injuries won’t affect your overall performance.

The scoring, though, is different compared to the traditional football, basketball and golf events. This is because points are given in large numbers instead of the usual 1 point per score. You would need to understand the specific data and statistics given out by each team in order to correctly gauge which team fits your skill level. This understanding would later on help you work your way up the ranks.

The only changes that took place when it comes to daily fantasy sports over the years is the fact that players can now update their roster via their mobile phones or laptops. Points can now be emailed, tallied and then scored just a few minutes after each game. Player statistics can be sent immediately so you will know your ranking and the amount of winning.

Indeed, with all these changes, there is no doubt that the industry of daily fantasy sports will go a long way. Daily fantasy sports is not gambling, it’s science.