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Don’t Know How to Flirt With a Man? Use These 3 Highly Effective Tips to Break the Ice

Don’t Know How to Flirt With a Man? Use These 3 Highly Effective Tips to Break the Ice

The topic of how to flirt with a man comes up frequently on dating and lifestyle forums. In fact, “how to flirt with a man” is one of the most commonly asked questions by single women looking for their Mr. Right. So if you want to know how to flirt with a man, don’t be shy about it. You are certainly not the only person wondering!

Get it right, a flirting can be a great ice breaker. Get it wrong, and you can come off looking desperate or easy.

It’s all about ‘hinting,’ those subtle little moves you can make or things you can say to let him know you might interested but to leave the chase up to him. Men do love the chase, after all.

Follow these tips for some super successful flirting acting!

1. It’s all in the eyes. Eye contact really is the opening flirtation. If you see someone you are interested in a few metres away from you, go with subtle glances, holding his gaze for a second or two longer than you might if you were not interested. This is a hint that you might be interested in speaking to the guy.

2. When you are talking to him, either because it is someone you know or because your eye contact worked out well, use space wisely. Leaning into his personal space while chatting will catch him off guard.

3. Finally, and very simply, just smile. You should be having fun. If you are not having fun, it will be obvious to him and can be off putting. Plus, the more you smile, the more approachable and friendly you come across as being. Fail to smile and you might just be giving out the impression that you are aloof, unapproachable and anti social – not what every guy is looking for!