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Exploring the content strategy of the Professional Fighters League – Ash’s Sports Talk

Exploring the content strategy of the Professional Fighters League – Ash’s Sports Talk

The Experienced Fighters League, also recognised as the ‘PFL’, is a exceptional beat sports marketing that offers MMA via a sport-year structure. The PFL obtains a participate in-off and championship structure within their promotion, making them stand out from other corporations like the UFC and 1 Championship. Throughout social media, the business have received 2.8m+ followers (primarily across Fb and TikTok) along with 336k YouTube subscribers. This site will explore how the PFL has built their model on the internet by way of supporter engagement strategies, storytelling approaches for its athletes and procedures to construct connections with new audiences.

System breakdown


Throughout Twitter, PFL written content involves the model marketing partnerships by way of athlete-driven advertising, sharing struggle bulletins and highlights along with paying out tribute to fighters depending on their everyday living functions.

Some of the PFL’s commonly recognised associates not long ago involve enthusiast token firm, socios.com, MMA scoring platform, Verdict MMA and activity developer Rival Online games. For illustration, PFL fighter, Emiliano Sordi, has been included in a video endorsing the brand name and lovers for engaging in the context. Written content like this can consider the model much to increase even further recognition to new audiences with initiatives like this.

Combat announcements happen to be the PFL’s most engaging piece of content material throughout Twitter. It communicates several factors for the people, like broadcast networks to watch gatherings, the time it starts off, and the fighters highlighted. Finally, the PFL has added benefit for their fanbase by way of a single put up, which is their core solution.

As my former blogs include, combat highlights are an vital component of a beat sporting activities promotions material approach. This stream showcases what the fighters are most recognised for and introduces various battling types that can elevate consciousness for new audiences of the battle match. The PFL also produces numerous functions with combat highlights, including throwback events, narrating a fighter’s tale along with comparing battling styles.

Shelling out interest to the daily life situations of previous and present athletes is a way to construct emotional connections with your audience. For example, Marlon Moraes employed to fight in the PFL but moved to the UFC and has not long ago introduced retirement. The articles crew at the PFL see this as a golden prospect to push engagement and remind audiences that this was a figure who represented their marketing.


The PFL’s Fb information intensely is made up around battle highlights, capturing the decisions of fights likely the length, and throwback articles together with close-up photographs of finishes. Their most-engaged content material incorporates capturing the finish of fights where by the judge’s scorecards are declared. This demonstrates the PFL’s Fb audience appreciates shut-up/emotional moments provoking lovers to really feel close connections to their fighters.


The PFL’s TikTok tactic seriously encourages behind-the-scenes content, varied digicam angle footage of fights, championing their fighters preferring the PFL compared to other MMA promotions together with integrating out-of-context times with their athletes.

Inspite of the various property of material, the PFL’s most considered items, excluding types including celebrity Kayla Harrison, consist of at the rear of-the-scenes accessibility to photoshoots which contributes to the closing products we see on PFL graphics. On the web customers naturally have an hunger for viewing information like this to entry how aspects are made. Plus, struggle highlights captured from shut-up angles are one more piece of content scoring high engagement simply because it showcases ‘already seen’ information from a various viewpoint. The PFL even resorts to sharing nevertheless photos on TikTok and inquiring their viewers to comment captions, which proves effective as they’re a effectively-acknowledged model across battle athletics.

Finally, TikTok communicates a lighter but much more open up tone of voice to their recreation by way of TikTok to make it possible for new audiences to at minimum get consciousness of MMA.


Lengthy-kind combat highlights direct PFL’s YouTube information activity, utilising YouTube shorts for highlights in the course of competitiveness, brief-kind documentary-design and style clips, and guiding-the-scenes snippets together with fighter interviews.

As expected, very long-variety combat highlights receive the most viewership, and their YouTube channel is predominantly utilised to showcase their level of competition by its core products. This is sub-accompanied with own-type accessibility to some of the fighters.


On Instagram, their typical content streams consist of struggle announcements, in-struggle image carousels, sponsorship endorsements as a result of earlier mentioned Octagon pictures, and fighter confront-offs alongside short-sort highlights.

The PFL’s most viewed material entails selling fighters in trailers and compilations of finishes alongside struggle bulletins. Finally, these material streams endorse an emotional relationship from the shopper.

Like YouTube, Instagram encourages the main item of the PFL, which is their fight match but in a shorter structure.

To summarise, the PFL adapt each and every channel uniquely to match the audiences’ behaviours. For case in point, TikTok, Instagram and Twitter capitalise on various material streams to capture awareness. On the other hand, Fb and YouTube revolve all over advertising and marketing a lot more of the core solution to increase the extensive-expression supporters.

The PFL’s tactics to interact fans differs on each platform. On Twitter, Instagram and TikTok, it revolves all over advertising quick-kind storytelling together with encouraging engagement from their viewers by means of ‘the greatest caption wins’ and out-of-context memes.

What has caught your eye about the PFL’s information approach?