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Fix That Glove – Learning to Repair Baseball Gloves

Fix That Glove – Learning to Repair Baseball Gloves

If you are a baseball enthusiast, or a family member is, you may hold your baseball gloves precious, as your partner in your game. However, it is important to make your gloves or mitts as conditioned as possible to also enhance your performance in the field. Of course, you don’t want to be someone who can’t catch that flying ball just because you have that uncomfortable stiff and dirty hand wear.

If you want to improve your baseball skills, you have to fix that glove as well. First of all, do not wait for your gloves to be too torn out before you think about repairing or fixing them. Sometimes you may feel comfortable with your existing ones than buying a new baseball hand gear, so it is wise to be able to learn a few skills in repairing gloves. In fact, you need to condition your new gloves to make it more comfortable to grip. Instead of spending more money, you can also save a lot if you learn to fix that glove and enjoy a gear that looks good as new and enhances your performance in your game as well.

Here are some useful pointers if you want to learn to fix that glove and give it a new look and comfort.

Check out what needs fixing and replacement. Most often, you will need to replace the lacing if it has been torn and battered. You may also need to replace or add some patches of leather.

Replacing the lacing on your baseball glove is one of the important things that you need to learn in fixing that battered old ones. Although this may sound simple, some lacing can be complex and by learning a tip or two, you can make the repair a little easy for you.

If the lacing needs replacement, make sure you get the size that fits the holes of your baseball gloves, and before untying the old lacing, make sure too that you have mastered the existing tying pattern. Tie a knot after the lacing and do cut the excess leather lace. You have to remember to tie the lace tight enough but not too tight that it will deform the gloves. Leather will stretch over time so it is important to tie it tight.

If the leather on your mitt also needs repair, you can apply rubber cement into it if there are patches that has been damaged but can still be restored. Rubber cement allows flexibility, thus perfect to use in your mitt which require flexibility as well.

Cleaning and conditioning is also an essential part of your repair. Most of the old baseball gloves have dry leather and may become brittle over time. As gloves are frequently exposed to rain, snow and sun, the leather can become stiff and dry and that makes it brittle and damaged. A little conditioning will help you make your gloves shine and look as new and well conditioned to enhance your performance in your game. You will never even recognize that it once looked like trash anymore.

So if you are thinking of reviving that favorite old baseball hand wear of yours, or you want to surprise your son with a well repaired baseball mitt, then start learning to fix that glove and you will be amazed of the results.