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Free Fantasy Football Advice – Understanding Your League’s Rules and Scoring System

Free Fantasy Football Advice – Understanding Your League’s Rules and Scoring System

Today’s free fantasy football advice deals with understanding your league. Understanding your league’s rules and point system is a critical piece of your warplan when playing fantasy football. Here’s more details.

Some leagues have outrageous points systems which is very high scoring and does not rewards points accordingly. For example we know most of the time a running back is not going to have more yards than a quarterback so the logical thing to do is reward running backs points for fewer yards.

Most leagues gives a running back one point for every 10 yards while QBs gets a point for every 20 yards. Some leagues that you might find out there have no balance what so ever and the downside of that is if your stuck with a weaker QB your going to get blown out every week simple as that. Balance in the point system is similar to a salary cap it keeps the team on the same level of competitiveness not giving the team with Peyton Manning the automatic win. So this piece of fantasy football advice is: if you want to good competition every week I suggest you find a league that has a balanced point system otherwise you’ll stop paying attention to your team after week 6.

Now I brought up roster slots earlier most leagues have an 15 slot rosters some have more. Usually every week you would start a QB, a pair of RB, three WR, a TE, a Kicker, and a defense. This system is the one I prefer because it gives you the best chance to win say if your QB goes down in week one like Tom Brady did a few years ago.

Last season I had an array of quarterbacks. None of them doing that well, but I did have a wide receiver core that was just outright beastly and kept me alive in my league carrying me to a playoff birth. Other guys in the league had good running backs and bad everything else they’re a lot of different variations and every team is different. This free fantasy football advice token is for you to join a league that is set up with 14 or more positions in the roster.

Another thing that I look for before joining a Fantasy Football league is how the trades and waivers work. Some leagues gives you a certain amount of how many players you can add or drop or how many times you are allowed to trade with other GM within the league. Me personally, I like to have unlimited freedom to add or drop whomever I want this is very helpful when players get hurt or they just don’t perform. Your next piece of free fantasy football advice is to get a grip on how trades and waivers work in your league.