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Hockey Players and the Groupies Who Chase Them

Hockey Players and the Groupies Who Chase Them

When hockey players commence off in the NHL they’re pulled in lot of different directions since they are making all this money and don’t have any idea that the type of friends they are handling are people that are not the type of people you would like around. This goes into the sort of women who end up trapping a lot of hockey players and nearly all of them are treated as “Puck Bunnies” these are the what you call hockey’s term for groupies. Many pro athletes are the prime target of these styles of females who are more curious about them for the financial and sexual aspect. Most of the athletes who are married or dating are with women who started off as groupies. Virtually all of them are adolescent girls 18-25 and a good number of them are not really educated because ladies who are educated wouldn’t settle for the role of a side dish.

These styles of ladies will hang out near the locker room or try to get seats on the floor floor so they are accessible to the players. Nearly all of the time these ladies are just looking for something to brag about. Nearly all of them discuss their sexual escapades with professional athletes as if it’s some type of game to them. Some of those games comprise getting pregnant by the players and then attempting to latch on to them by demanding child support and maintenance because to them a couple grand or more a month is more than what most normal ladies who’re not involved with someone famous gets for child support.

Classic instance of a groupie of one woman who carried on an affair with Michael Jordan, but she tried to pin a child on him which later proved wasn’t his because she had 3 kids and every one of them had different fathers who played in the NBA on different teams. Ladies will end up with this form of behavior and then when the athlete is tired of them he casually disposes of them like a used Kleenex since most of these players only see them as a sexual conquest. This is the reason why the leagues have gotten together to do in-service meetings with new and some players that have been there at any rate 2 years about how to behave since coaches see a great amount of good players get burned by these ladies who are not even worth bothering themselves with.

The hard thing is that team management can just provide the players with tools to exercise caution and to know how to spot ladies that’re like that and know how to avoid them, but you have those athletes who’s egos get them into difficulty. When the coaches and team management tell these rookie players what the deal is they are telling them the way to avoid getting engaged with ladies who’s goal is to get an infant and some cash since they don’t really care about the athletes in general they just want to say they’ve been with one it’s more to do with the status and bragging rights. Most athletes that have a close connection with trusted friends and family will more likely stay on course and keeps their head in the right place as well because many players get involved and wonder later how they even got there initially. Many athletes have said formally that they regret messing around with groupies as a consequence of the problems they bring when they are dragged through the mud with court hearings and other legal things and a good number of the time the groupies find it entertaining to drag an athlete through a great amount of drama and tension.