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How can you support your clients to maximise impact for national campaigns? – Ash’s Sports Talk

How can you support your clients to maximise impact for national campaigns? – Ash’s Sports Talk

It’s identifiable how influential the sports industry is in garnering attention from sports and non-sporting fans. Global events such as the World Cup captured the attention of hardcore and casual audiences for different reasons. It’s common for global brands to imitate each other when international trends erupt worldwide. During my time at Oporto Sports, County FA’s are organisations I work with to support their content creation strategy. For this reason, this blog will illustrate some of the work I’ve been involved in relating to clients and how certain methods have helped them form highly engaging content.  

International Women’s Day (content piece 1)

Lancashire FA is one of the clients I work with at Oporto Sports, providing them support around content creation. International Women’s Day is an occasion many County FA’s take seriously to promote their internal values. Lancashire took the initiative to share two videos of women, Lucy Briggs and Anne Elwood, about their journeys into grassroots football, highlighting their achievements. This initiative enhances Lancashire FA’s priority for their digital channels to represent members of their community through short-form storytelling. Both videos below were ranked as some of their most engaged media Tweets during March.

Focusing on the bigger picture sets an example for other grassroots football clubs/personalities to follow and amplify what they stand for.

International Women’s Day (content piece 2)

How can you support your clients to maximise impact for national campaigns? – Ash’s Sports Talk

International Women’s Day was also seen as an opportunity for Lancashire FA to promote their County Women’s League. A full fixtures programme was available the week before 6th March, and promoting it on the 8th March has helped to maximise impact. The blog illustrates how instrumental female sport has been to representing their league structure, and for this reason, it was a well-timed release to showcase the value Women and Girls bring to football.

International Women’s Day (content piece 3)

London FA International Women’s Day graphics

London FA is another client I work closely with, who utilised their staff members to champion International Women’s Day. Each staff member shared a quote captured through a graphic illustrating how they intend to #breakthebias around women’s football. This content gives London FA colleagues a profile which helps showcase how their role contributes to the bigger picture of football.

London FA empowering community initiatives

London FA also shared an inspirational story where over 200 women attended an International Women’s Day football tournament to raise funds for grassroots female players. As mentioned earlier with Lancashire FA, a key value for County FA’s on social media lies with representing their community, and through this initiative, London FA has championed this tremendously.

Suppose you have clients to support within an agency. In that case, it’s important to acknowledge national campaigns uniquely to promote the client’s personal values, which also furthers the work they’re doing across the community. Lancashire FA sharing two videos of female stories contributed to the communal side of International Women’s Day; promoting their County Women’s League was beneficial to introducing a new fixtures programme, and the competition was a natural maximisation opportunity for fan engagement. A similar applies to London FA getting their staff members to share how they’re planning to break the bias through their roles alongside the community initiative they’re each aware of.