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How to Become an Autograph Dealer?

How to Become an Autograph Dealer?

Are you interested in celebrity autographs? Have you a respectable collection of authentic autographs? If the answer is yes, then you can develop your hobby in a profitable autograph business.

Autograph collectibles are a passion for many. They want autographs of their niche or all types of celebrity autographs. You can effectively meet the needs of autograph collecting public.

Apart from collecting autographs directly, there are many places where autographs are traded. These can be bought directly from individuals, at autograph auctions, from autograph dealers, internet (mainly eBay) etc. There are online and offline autograph auctions where one can buy in bulk and then sell them latter individually.

One important consideration while collecting autographs is their authenticity. In autograph business, you will come across a huge number of fake autographs. You will have to be careful and deal only in genuine autographs.

You can be surer about the authenticity of autographs if you have collected them directly. Many a times you will get opportunities for collecting them directly. If you are vigilant, you will come across many celebrities by chance in markets, fashion and trade shows, conferences and other public gatherings. You should not let this opportunity to pass by without taking any action. You should approach these celebrities and ask for their autographs.

Most times public figures are more willing to give their autographs. They love people approaching them and asking for their autographs. Therefore, you should not feel shy in approaching them and asking for an autograph or even more than one.

Once you have collected a large number of genuine autographs, you can upload them to a website and start selling. You can even sell them on eBay. eBay is a big market for buying and selling of celebrity autographs.

One way of improving your autograph sales is uploading of autograph photos or autograph pictures along with their descriptions. There are various other ways of promoting autograph memorabilia business.

Judging the worth of autographs is of prime importance. You should be in a position to put an appropriate value to autographs. Determining the true value of autographs can considerably affect your autograph business.

One way of finding the true value of autographs is to ask around at different places and find the prices on which they are being traded elsewhere. You can also get an idea from the “Completed Listings” category of eBay.

One can also develop a niche area and concentrate on collecting autographs of celebrities like Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. These carry high price tags.

Autographs business is just one of hundreds of online businesses that you can pursue. This depends upon your taste, aptitude and experience. Becoming an autograph dealer is one of the easiest ways of getting into autograph business for persons who already have autograph collectibles as their hobby.

There are autograph shows in which one can participate. Any autograph show can add to you knowledge and education of this online business.

While autograph collecting can be a hobby for some, it can be bread and butter for many others.