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How to Find a Home in Orlando for Rental During Vacation

How to Find a Home in Orlando for Rental During Vacation

Orlando is a beautiful city to visit at any time of the year. And because there are hundreds of things to do in Orlando, a weekend vacation is simply not enough. If you want your vacation in this city to be meaningful even in the smallest sense, consider staying a week at the very least. And to save on money, consider procuring a home rental instead of having to pay the expensive daily rates of hotels.

Home Rental vs. Hotel Stay in Orlando

LOCATION – If you live living close to where all the action is, hotels are usually strategically located downtown but it’s possible for you to find homes in the city proper as well. If, however, you’re after a suburban lifestyle during your Orlando vacation, a home rental would be more appropriate than staying in a hotel.

COSTS – If you are going to stay for a week or longer in Orlando, you’ll find accommodation costs to be more affordable by renting a home. Also, there are lots of costs inclusive in hotel rates while home rentals generally charge you for the cost of the place itself alone. Also, landlords of Orlando home rentals will rarely ask you to limit the number of people living in their property, but the same can’t be said for hotel management.

COMFORT – If you’re going to rent a home in an exclusive residential community in Orlando, it’s possible for you to enjoy all the amenities and more that you can expect from a hotel. Of course, expecting 24-hour room service might be too much.

Tips on Finding a Home in Orlando for Rental during Vacation

During your Orlando vacation, you’ll no doubt encounter various types of home rentals so lack of choice definitely won’t be a problem. Orlando home rentals can generally be divided into the following broad categories:

Estates and Mansions – You can rent out a mansion and live like royalty in Orlando for a week. Most of these home rentals will provide you with a range of luxurious amenities that will rival those being offered in hotels. Better yet, you can enjoy all of these in utmost privacy.

Resort Home Rentals – Orlando resorts also offer home rentals to family vacationers wishing to enjoy fun in public places. These resorts generally provide guests entertainment outlets such as restaurants, clubhouse, arcades, sports and fitness facilities, and of course pools and other water activities. This is also a good option for people traveling with several families and who wish to reside in one community or common area.

Condominium and Townhouse Rentals – If residing in a place that reminds you of home is what it would take to make you enjoy your Orlando vacation, then you need not worry because this city also offers condominium and townhouse rentals at affordable rates.

Consider the following factors to further narrow the field:
SIZE OR SPACE – Just how much space do you need or desire? Living in a cramped room in a hotel or a rented apartment might cause you to lose some of your enthusiasm for your Orlando vacation.

LOCATION – Try looking for a home that’s located as closely as possible to the majority of tourist attractions that you’re planning to visit.

FEATURES – How many bedrooms does it have? Is its dining room separate from the kitchen? Does the home rental have a pool? What about a garden? How many car slots do you need in a garage? How many bathrooms are there?

SERVICES – What kind of services do you believe you can’t live without? Do you wish for 24-hour security? Are you after round the clock room service? How about the laundry and the cooking? Are you willing to do these chores or would living in a hassle-free hotel environment better for you?

Once you’ve decided on a particular home rental, make sure that you pay a visit prior to your vacation or have photos of the home rental sent to you. Negotiate diligently with your agent and imply that you have other options to consider. Review the home rental contract provided and don’t hesitate to ask questions if you find any of the stipulations confusing. Ask about reservation and payment requirements.

And lastly, if you’re truly sure about your choice then what’s else is there to do but to sign the check?