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John Daly may miss the cut, but at least he enjoyed his PGA Championship

John Daly may miss the cut, but at least he enjoyed his PGA Championship

The cigarettes and (diet) coke diet has fueled John Daly’s PGA Championship bid.

The cigarettes and (diet plan) coke diet has fueled John Daly’s PGA Championship bid.
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20-a person cigarettes, 12 Eating plan Cokes, six packs of peanut M&Ms, and zero ounces of drinking water — that was the John Daly particular at a complete 18-hole observe round for the duration of the Wyndham Championship in 2008, for each a CBS Sports reporter reminiscing on a bizarre and wild summer day. And in genuine John Daly spirit, the 56-12 months-outdated has taken Southern Hills head on in a great deal the similar vogue this week.

They’re finishing up Day Two of the PGA Championship down in Tulsa, and while the veteran golfer was teetering on earning the cut, it’s not looking like he’ll be out on the course for the remainder of the weekend. Even so, he’s been beating Masters champion and entire world-rated No.1 Scottie Scheffler virtually all day — at 1 issue by as considerably as a few strokes.

Daly, best recognized for his love of the wings chain Hooters, appears to have cracked some code that the rest of us are decades driving locating out about. Somewhat than settling down for a good night’s slumber, he was reportedly in a on line casino very last evening following a cursory prevent by the neighborhood Hooters, his handy pack of cigs and can of Diet program Coke under no circumstances significantly from his access — a trademark move from the two-time key winner.

He’s also been sporting some fantastic suits on the study course this weekend — Sunday red has nothing on multicolored skull pants — and has been whipping about the program in a golf cart (of course, it’s allowed, thanks to Casey Martin, an previous Stanford teammate of Tiger Woods). For a few glorious times Thursday early morning, Daly’s title topped the PGA Championship leaderboard.

His on line casino runs in the Tulsa region are hardly unparalleled — for the duration of the 2007 PGA, he explained to reporters that he played the slots and didn’t do a exercise round due to the fact it was “too scorching.” It was awfully scorching that calendar year at Southern Hills, to be good. Hundreds of people were treated for warmth exhaustion. Daly seemingly informed Tiger that he hadn’t had an ounce of drinking water that working day, possibly, but 13 Diet plan Cokes. Can’t conquer that with a adhere.