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San Francisco 49ers Aiming to Add 6th Super Bowl Title This Year

San Francisco 49ers Aiming to Add 6th Super Bowl Title This Year

What does the new season have in store for the San Francisco 49ers? This is a question that is now at front and center for every fan of this 5 time world championship football dynasty. Already the San Francisco 49ers are revamping their player line up and coaching staff in preparation for the new season. The team knows that their fan base is anxious for a break out season and they are on track to deliver this and much more. Anticipation and excitement are fueling the demand for San Francisco 49er tickets and pushing sales even higher. 2009 is on pace to be a sell out season beginning with opening day. Fans are determined that they will not miss any of the action, and some are already planning their fall tailgate menus.

An Unusual Beginning for the Gold Rush Team

Shortly after WWII the city of San Francisco began to experience a new boom era. The professional sports teams were then located in the Midwest and on the Eastern coast of the United States, but Anthony Morabito believed that a football franchise in San Francisco would generate a great deal of enthusiasm and revenue. Morabito tried to get the NFL interested in the proposition before WWII ended, but was rebuffed. However he knew that the All America Football Conference was going to be organized and in 1944 he aligned himself with this sports venture.

Anthony Morabito and his partners joined forces to come up with a team identity that would be memorable. Together they came up with the name San Francisco 49ers that paid homage to the miners of the Gold Rush years. A chance sighting of a railway car painting of a miner firing a gun was the inspiration for the team logo. After the AAFC had ended Morabito was able to finally get the NFL franchise he wanted. Now the San Francisco 49ers tickets began to achieve tremendous popularity.

Smith is Set to Return

Fans are happy to hear that terms were recently finalized for the return of Alex Smith to the lineup at the quarterback position. A new 2 year contract is going to give Smith the chance to show his talents after being sidelined for the past one and a half years. In 2006 Smith was dazzling the crowds and showing a lot of promise. However a shoulder injury stopped his 2007 season after 7 games and kept him on the Injured Reserve in 2008. Now he is finally ready to return to the field for 2009.

The “Can Do It” Team

Since their beginning more than 60 years ago the San Francisco 49ers team has amassed 5 Super Bowl titles, 17 division championships and 5 conference titles. The team’s record of 5 Super Bowl appearances without a loss is a bragging right that the fans love. The only thing that can make this better is to add a 6th Super Bowl title this year. Once again San Francisco 49ers tickets are in high demand because fans know that this could be one of the best seasons ever for their club. This team has a history of surpassing the expectations of their loyal fans and 2009 is setting up to be one of the best in a long while.