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Satellite TV Packages to Improve Your Sports Bar

Satellite TV Packages to Improve Your Sports Bar

Having the right television provider can make or break many different types of businesses-more than one would probably imagine. Clearly, the way in which television and entertainment are incorporated into a business’s business plan is more obvious for some types of businesses than for others. For some, a satellite or cable package simply provides background noise or contributes to an atmosphere. In others, however, television plays a much more direct role. One such type business is sports bars.

If you own or run a sports bar, you know that keeping your customers entertained is crucial to staying in business. And one surefire way to keep your customers entertained is to make sure there is always a game playing on a big-screen TV. Without this form of entertainment, yours is no different from any other type of bar. Luckily, there is a large variety of packages available through satellite TV that cater to all types of sports fans, regardless of their team or type of game. Here is some information about several packages you can use to improve customer satisfaction and ensure a successful business.

1. Without a doubt, the most popular of the aforementioned packages is the NFL Sunday Ticket. This is the package for football fans living far away from their home teams. Football Sundays are important nights for sports bar owners, and this package delivers games from all across the country, no matter where your bar is located. With a Sunday Ticket subscription, you-and your customers-will have access to as many as 14 games every Sunday.

2. Drinking beer and watching baseball practically go hand-in-hand. And a subscription to MLB Extra Innings is a great way to bring the best of the all-time American pastime to your establishment. You and your customers will be able to root, root, root for the home team, as well as the away team, since this package allows you to catch as many as 60 out-of-market regular-season Major League games every week.

3. College basketball is a great way to get your customers excited and cheering. Having access to this fast-paced game is especially important during March, when the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball tournament takes place. A subscription to the Mega March Madness package will get you all the coverage you need throughout the month. Raise the stakes by getting a pool going, and promise free beer to the winner.

4. Maybe, instead of a bar, you run a pub, and instead of watching baseball, your customers are cricket fans. If that is the case, you should think about getting a subscription to the Cricket Ticket, which delivers 200 days of live International Cricket.

5. For hockey fans, NHL Center Ice is the way to go. It does not matter whether or not you live in an area with a team, or even a cold climate. With this package, you will get access to all the action and fighting you can handle, and be able to see up to 40 non-local games a week.