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Slatwall Garage Storage Rack Systems

Slatwall Garage Storage Rack Systems

Slatwall garage storage rack systems can make your garage look like a showroom. Older systems came in steel, aluminum or pressed wood. While they looked professional, they were heavy, expensive and hard to handle. Several manufacturers now make systems in lightweight PVC or resin, which make them affordable and easy to install.

Slatwall garage storage rack systems can be used for large or small tools, equipment and supplies depending on the types of accessories you mount on the slatwall. Cabinets come in full 72″ height or 26″ upper or lower cabinets and are great for storing chemicals and smaller items that should be concealed or kept away from dust. You can also get a variety of sizes and styles of bins, hooks, strap hooks, shelves, and racks specifically designed to hold sporting equipment like tennis racquets and balls, golf equipment, baseball gloves and bats, and bicycles. Some brands of accessories can mount directly on the wall or on a slat system so, for example, if you hang your bike in an area separate from the slatwall system, you can still get a bike hook that matches the look of the system.

Slats come in six- or eight-foot lengths and can be used on a whole wall or just a small part. They can mount to drywall or directly to studs. The panels are customizable in many configurations and the high density cellulose PVC or resin materials are durable and easy to clean. They come in a variety of colors, the most popular being silver, white or maple. The PVC version will hold up to 400 pounds per wall panel.

If you’ve never done this before, a starter set is definitely the way to go. They come in 24 square foot or 48 square foot sets and include panels, hooks, shelves and the mounting hardware necessary for installing and finishing the system. Prices of starter sets range from $230 to $530. Free planning guides and online videos are available from some manufacturers and are useful in helping you design your system.

Tips for installation

Here are a few tips to remember as you install your slatwall garage storage racks. The highest you’ll want to go is 85 to 90 inches from the floor. Beyond that you won’t be able to reach tools and other things that you are storing. You’ll want to leave at least six inches from the floor as well. No need to waste slats in a space that won’t be useable. Also, leave yourself six to 24 inches from the corners. For holding sporting equipment and lawn and garden tools you don’t need to go all the way to the top of your garage so will only need two to three panels. Before installing you’ll need a stud finder, a drill with a number two bit, a tape measure, industrial construction adhesive and a contractor level. Slatwalls are not only good for garages. They can also be useful in laundry rooms, hobby rooms or workshops.