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Smoking Cessation With Hypnotherapy

Smoking Cessation With Hypnotherapy

I deal with Irrational, compulsive, habitual, self-destructive behavior. Doesn’t smoking fit in with that description?

I am a therapist as well as a Certified Hypnotherapist. Everything I do is based upon my knowledge of human behavior.

Anyone who smokes has 3 addictions to cigarettes. There is a mental, emotional and physical addiction. The mental addiction has to do with the fact that he associates a cigarette with something else. A cup of coffee, a drink, waking in the morning, after a meal. A hundred and one different things that he has conditioned himself to, over a long period of time, so that, now, what ever it is he is doing is not the same without a cigarette. It becomes what I call an automatic, triggered mechanism. Someone says, “Have a cup of coffee. “Where are my cigarettes?” The phone rings, “Where are my cigarettes?” Anything automatic like that, is not conscious in nature, it is subconscious. That’s what makes it so difficult. A person trying to stop smoking on his own is in the wrong ballpark. He is trying to accomplish something on a conscious level that is really a sub-conscious problem.

There is also an emotional addiction. Bad news, good news, an argument. . . a cigarette becomes a very important part of that experience. Very often it could be in the person’s mouth without his even realizing it. He could have two going if he is really upset. What better evidence of a subconscious problem? A mental and emotional addiction both subconscious in nature. And that what makes it so difficult.

The reason hypnosis works so well is because it deals with the subconscious. And by using post hypnotic suggestions to the subconscious I can break those addictions. . . so that, when a person walks out of my office, he couldn’t care less whether he ever smokes again. He can have a drink, cup of coffee, have his argument without the need for a cigarette.

There is also a physical addiction. Nicotine is a narcotic. A smoker stores it in his lungs, his blood. Here’s how I deal with it. The subconscious mind controls all of the automatic functions of the body. Breathing, coughing, digestion, eye blinking. .. all the things we do automatically are controlled by that very sophisticated computer. One of them is the elimination of fluids from our bodies. Perspiration, urination and vaporization. I give the computer (sub-conscious) a command in the form of a post hypnotic suggesting procedure, that his body will very rapidly eliminate this addiction. I ask him to force fluids for twenty-four hours. Drink a lot of water, That’s what we do with the physical addiction.

What one has to realize is that, any program to stop smoking should involve a forcing of fluids during the withdrawal. There’s a reason for it. A smoker’s body is constantly trying to get rid of this addiction. Even while he’s smoking. Any smoker who breathes into a filter will deposit a residue on the filter. That’s what a smoker’s cough is all about. He is trying to get rid of the extraneous matter from his lungs. Perspiration contains the by-products of smoking,. So does urine. A smoker’s body is constantly trying to get rid of this addiction. However, while he’s smoking, he is constantly replacing the supply.

But,since he is forcing fluids and the mental and emotional addictions are gone, within twenty-four hour the physical addiction disappears. That’s why it works so efficiently. I get rid of the mental and emotional addiction right away, physical within twenty-four hours. All he has to do is force fluids. When a person tries to stop on his own he is fighting a three headed monster. I get rid of all three.

Now let me tell you why, with hypnosis, a person does not have the side effects he will get when he stops on his own. There is no irritability, weight increase, nervousness, etc. Not just because I say so. See if it doesn’t make sense. When a person tries to stop on his own, he has a conscious mind telling him to. But he also has a subconscious mind that’s telling him not to.

When a person stops on his own he has a conflict. He has a conscious mind telling him to stop and a subconscious telling him otherwise. What does he do? He just transfers one oral gratification for another. Instead of a cigarette…jelly beans, life savors, gum, anything to put the fire out. He also becomes very intolerant of other smokers. Every smoker is a reminder of his need to smoke and therefor it’s irritating. Finally he is predisposed to start again. He will tell you that it has been six months since he stopped but the temptation is still there. He never got rid of. And usually, the first good excuse and he’s hooked again. With hypnosis, I erase the need to smoke. Conscious mind says no, subconscious says no. There is no conflict. He’s not eating his head off. He couldn’t care less if some smokes in his presence and he is not predisposed to start again. No miracle, I just did the job efficiently.

I make a recording of the actual hypnosis so he can reinforce the experience at home. If he has any difficulty, I give a guarantee that allows him to come back within forty five days for a reinforcement at no charge. My complete charge is $100.

So you can see that it is a very efficient way to get rid of a dirty, filthy, expensive, killing habit in a very thorough, healthy, positive way. Feel free to call me for further information (845) 338-1954