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Sports Fans Gear Up With Inclusive Packages

Sports Fans Gear Up With Inclusive Packages

Premium sports packages are a must for sports fans. Whether your weakness is college basketball, pro football, ice hockey, or racecars, inclusive packages are available to satellite TV users, allowing subscribers to basically move the neighborhood sports bar TV into their own home, with access to all kinds of non-locally televised games, events, pre-game specials, and extra special features.

NFL addicts surely know about the NFL Sunday Ticket, which broadcasts all NFL games and pre-game shows that fall outside of standard cable networks (a la the Yankees’ YES network) – that comes out to about 14 games each Sunday, a perfect plan for the ultimate pro football fan. NFL Sunday Ticket SuperFan is an additional service available to current NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers, and allows viewers the opportunity to tune into a certain number of NFL games in high definition. Also included in the package are the Red Zone channel, which highlights crucial game moments, skipping around from game to game as teams move into touchdown position, and the Game Mix, a channel that allows viewers to watch eight games simultaneously on a divided screen. Short Cuts, an excellent option for fans who are short on time, selects game highlights from every game and condenses them into one thirty-minute block of broadcasting. SuperFan also includes a feature allowing subscribers to stream games in real time on their computers – even traveling can’t keep the biggest fans from missing their favorite teams.

Diehard Boston Red Sox fans living in Chicago, pining away for their beloved team, will be pleased to know about the MLB Extra Innings package, which airs 80 non-local pro baseball games each week, with up to 40 broadcast in crystal-clear HD. The Game Mix feature is also available with Extra Innings so fans can keep an eye on the competition while staying faithful to their home team. Also included is the Strike Zone Channel, a highlights channel that updates subscribers on the best in the league, three days each week.

Ice hockey your thing? NHL fans ought to tune into Center Ice, where they can catch 40 hockey games – 12 in high definition – weekly, including Stanley Cup playoff games. Also included are standard NHL game coverage, highlights, news, and special programs, 24 hours a day. Even French-language coverage from Canadian face-offs is offered. A must for displaced NHL fans that need more than just game highlights from their favorite teams, however many states away.

As for hoops fans, the NBA League Pass airs 40 games (some in HD) a week, alongside regular NBA satellite TV coverage of highlights and both team and player stats. Business travelers and vacationers ought to know that subscription includes access to NBA League Pass Broadband, allowing members to log onto the corresponding website to enjoy head-to-head competition streamed live online, from the comfort of their hotel room or the airport – anywhere with an internet connection.

Whichever sport keeps you glued to the TV, there’s an inclusive package deal for you. Don’t miss another away or non-local game.