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Sports in Bermuda – The World’s Smallest Olympic Island!

Sports in Bermuda – The World’s Smallest Olympic Island!

Road to London 2012!

Brian Wellman

Did you know- By 1992,Brian Wellman of Bermuda came in fifth place in the men’s triple jump at the XXV Olympic Games in Barcelona (Spain). His performance made him the Island’s most outstanding athlete. In the next Olympiad, he was one of the world’s six best triple jumpers.

Debbie Jones

Did you know- By the mid-1970s,the Island’s sprinter Debbie Jones took first place in the women’s 100m, ahead of Ela Cabrejas (Cuba) and Lelith Hodges (Jamaica), at the Central American and Caribbean Tournament in San Juan de Puerto Rico.


Did you know- By 1967, the men’s soccer team from Bermuda was runner-up at the 5th Pan American Games in Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada), behind only Mexico (gold medal).

Jennifer Fisher

Did you know- By the mid-1990s, Jennifer Fisher finished in sixth in the 800m (2:05.62) and seventh in the 1500m (4:29,77) in the Pan American Games in Mar del Plata, Argentina.

Mexico 1975

Did you know- By October 1975, the Island sent 14 athletes, four of them were women, to Mexico City to compete in the VII Pan American Games. Curiously, the national team was one of the smallest delegations in the international Games. They competed in athletics (11), boxing (1), and sailing (2). Ironically, Clarence Hills, the Island’s most respected athlete, did not go to Mexico.

Montreal 1976

Did you know- 1976 was a special year for Bermuda. Why? That year Bermuda had its first (and only) Olympic medal in history, ahead of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Burma and a host of nations. By July 1976, the Island’s boxer Clarence Hills won a bronze medal at the Montreal Summer Olympics. Ironically he did not compete at the 1975 Pan American Games in the United Mexican States, the most important pre-Olympic event in the Americas. Like Gina Swaison (1979 Miss World) and Jennifer Smith (former Prime Minister),Mr Hills is a hero in Bermuda,a beautiful island located in the Atlantic North.

Munich 1972

Did you know- The Island sent a team of 11 athletes to Munich (Germany) to participate in the Summer Olympics in August and September 1972. Bermuda – one of the world’s most stable and peaceful islands-competed in three Olympic sports: boxing (1), rowing (1), and sailing (9).

Pan American Games

Did you know- Toward the end of the 1950s, Bermuda made its Pan American debut when it sent an Olympic team to the Pan American Games in Chicago (USA).


Did you know- The women’s softball team of Bermuda won the right to compete in the 1974 World Championship in Stratford, USA.

Spain 1992

Did you know- By the early 1990s,Bermuda’s athlete Clarence Saunders took fifth place in the men’s high jump in the Games of the XXV Olympiad in Barcelona (Spain). Together with Brian Wellman (triple jump), he was one of Bermuda’s most popular athletes in the late 1980s and early 1990s.


Did you know- the most popular sports in the Island are soccer, cricket, softball, equestrian, athletics, sailing, and swimming.

Sydney 2000

Did you know- Lee White and Peter Bromby (sailing) came in fourth place in the Games of the 27th Olympiad in Australia.