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The Do’s and Don’ts of a Bake Sale

The Do’s and Don’ts of a Bake Sale

Have you ever heard the saying, “Timing Is Everything?” Take it to heart because timing your bake sale event will be one of the most important, if not the most important, decision you make. Choose the wrong time and you might not have customers, volunteers, or an appropriate location. Choose the right time and everything runs smoothly.

Here are 7 definite “Do’s” to make your bake sale a successful.

1. Take all things into consideration when selecting the day, date and time of your bake sale. Try to coordinate all these pieces of information.

2. Decide if it is better to have your event during the day, evening, or on a weekend. When will you have the most potential customers? When will your volunteers be available?

3. Be culturally and ethnically sensitive. Scheduling your event on Thanksgiving Day or St. Patrick’s Day probably won’t work well.

4. Plan your event to be close to a payday. Customers are happy and it’s easier for your customers to “splurge” at the bake sale table if they’ve just been paid.

5. Use a theme for the bake sale whenever possible. Holiday events are profitable because you can create a theme for your sale and your customers and volunteers are in a great mood.

6. Announce why you are holding your special event to raise money. Is it for the school building project or are you trying to buy baseball uniforms? Let the world know. Most people prefer contributing to a specific goal than to just a “fundraising event.” It makes people feel a part of something long lasting and it is concrete. They can see what their contribution is going to do.

7. Lastly, do consider who your customers will be. What is their normal schedule? If you are going to sell at a college site or at a senior center find out the best time to hold your event.

There are things you should take steps to avoid to have a successful bake sale. Here are 5 things to put on your taboo list.

1. Avoid trying to set-up a fund raising event where you are not welcome or where you have not had appropriate clearance. If you were not granted clearance there is a reason. Move to another location.

2. Avoid trying to compete with another event. Why compete? You want your event to have front stage and center.

3. Avoid a lunch time sale setup at noon. Set it up to run from 10:00 AM to 1:30 PM. This will get the late coffee crowd as well as the lunch crowd.

4. Avoid being understaffed during the sale. Customers don’t want to wait.

5. Avoid being unprepared during the setup process and clean up process. Not doing advanced scouting regarding the location and the personnel in charge could delay things and discourage people.

Paying attention to the small details of a bake sale will help the event run smoothly. Remember, there is always one more thing to do…at a bake sale, that probably is sampling the brownies. It’s a fun quality control issue!