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The Hard Truth About Cash Gifting Scams

The Hard Truth About Cash Gifting Scams

If you search the internet for any significant length of time under the query of, “cash gifting scams”, you will be prompted with about 2 or 3 forums discussing the topic, 5-6 videos of people giving their negative opinion of the activity, which usually consists of threats of arrest, and thousands upon thousands of articles, videos, and blog entries that take advantage of the, “scam”, keyword to bump up their visibility. Before coming to a clear conclusion about Cash Gifting I suggest every person interested in the activity to look through the few media discussing the possibility of Cash Gifting being a scam.

If you do your research you might come across a few news articles detailing how a particular gifting club was arrested for their pyramid gifting structure. The diversity of these schemes is astonishing yet the lives they have ruined resonates across the nation giving most Americans the unconscious impression that all online cash generation systems are frauds. Let me describe the varying groups that have been arrested for their pyramid-like Cash Gifting structures.

– After the popularity of, “home party sales”, a group of women attempted to capitalize on the idea by making a series of, “ladies only”, pyramid schemes. Using titles such as, “Circle of Friends”,” Women Helping Women”, the, “Gifting Club”, “Heart to Heart”, “Gifts for Charity”, “Renewal Celebration”, “Women Empowering Women,” “Women’s Empowerment Network”, “Women for Women,” and the “Dinner Party,” the women organizing the club lured other women by staging conference meetings requiring everyone attending to pay an entrance fee in order to recruit other people. The payoff promised was phenomenal with many guaranteed an eventual payout of 40,000 dollars after an initial pledge of 3,000 dollars. More than half of the woman in the program never saw any money.

– Another popular lure for Cash Gifting clubs is, “themed”, clubs which attract men with names such as, “Pit Stop”, “NASCAR”, “Men’s Club” or “Money Exchange,”. One particular group targeted 4,000 men by using auto-racing jargon. Participants were asked to, “donate”, 2,000 contribution to become members of a, “pit crew”. They were then promised 16,000 dollars within weeks once they became a, “lead driver.” The group quickly disintegrates when the original investors stop investing the money they’ve made and quickly leave town never to be heard of again.

Promoters of these schemes take advantage of the natural human attraction towards communion and the modern day struggle of financial life in order for the few people at the top of the group, usually the originators of the scheme, to receive the awards while all the lower tier individuals are left with their pockets empty. It is rare for one of these gifting clubs to last for longer than a year and as the pyramid structure inevitably falls apart, which is one of the greatest indicators of a pyramid scheme, the money generated from the club cannot pay out the promised returns for the members that joined later. Along with the information discussed so far in this article I advise everyone to do their own research behind the pyramid scheme structure and why it devastates so many innocent people. Also look up Ponzi scheme, coined after the late Charles Ponzi, who in 1903 started one of the largest scams attracting 40,000 people to invest 15 million dollars in total. Profits were supposed to come from exchanging international postal reply coupons. He promised 50% interest (return) on investments in 45 days or “double your money” in 90 days. Only a third of that money was returned to them.

I advise everyone who wants to get into cash gifting to first become well educated on the different scams out there because at any moment you can become the victim of a scam. If by now you have not done a Google search to verify much of the information I have described in this article, I suggest you educate yourself and make an educated decision. However, as you search for, “Cash Gifting Scams”, also simply search for the term, “Cash Gifting”, also and see what you find. You will see thousands of articles written by people from every walk of life. You will see lawyers and real estate agents, construction workers and stay at home moms. You will see college students working with retired individuals to pass on their knowledge of the internet so that even a person starting off with no knowledge of online marketing can start out of the gate running.

The greatest difference between the , “gifting clubs,” that make the headlines, and the private activity participated in by thousands across the world is the simple truth that there is no pyramid to be found. The most popular cash gifting programs out there have been around for more than 5 years with some having a history longer than a decade. If the Cash Gifting program you are joining follows the traditional 1-up system then you will quickly see that there are no oligarchs controlling the operation at the top while everyone below them suffers. There is no pyramid; there is only the simple act of giving from one person to another and after you find that one person to be your 1-up qualifier, which is given to your mentor, you are in the exact position as everyone in the entire world participating in this activity. You have no more obligations to anyone else besides yourself once you make that first crucial step. The power behind this system truly shines when you can be qualified within hours of first participating. And if not in hours then a few days of conscious effort will bring you to that point. Is it really a pyramid scheme if you can be equal to everyone who is participating in the activity in the entire world within hours? Only you can find that answer.