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The Impossible Dream

The Impossible Dream

What would you dare to dream if you knew you would not fail? Several weeks ago I was watching the NFL Draft. This is an annual event where the best College Football players in America are selected by the NFL to play professional Football at the highest level. As I watched this there was one player in particular who stood out to me. He was six feet five inches tall and weighed in at two hundred and sixty five pounds. This was a big tough guy! That’s why his response to being selected grabbed my attention. He began to cry! He was so emotional that he could not stand up when his name was called. What would make this tough guy cry? He had achieved the impossible dream.

This was a dream that he had since he was a small child. This was a dream that kept him up at night. This was a dream he thought about every day. What is your impossible dream? I have discovered that all impossible dreams have one thing in common. To achieve it you have to overcome what I call the “Staggering Statistic”. The staggering statistic is in place because often on the journey to your dream you encounter a large number of people that share the same aspiration that you have. This large group becomes a staggering statistic. For example, there are 9,000 people that play College Football at its highest level. Of that 9,000 there will only be 215 that will be drafted into the NFL. That is a staggering statistic. Your dream may be to become CEO of a fortune 500 company. The average fortune 500 company has over 100,000 employees but only one CEO. That is a staggering statistic. So the question becomes how do I achieve my impossible dream and overcome the staggering statistic? I will share with you the two things you need to achieve your dream. I call these the” two rights” of dream achievement.

The first right to dream achievement is the right philosophy. The right philosophy is the belief that all things are possible. The right philosophy is needed because the staggering statistic will make your dream look impossible. The key to having the right philosophy is to know and embrace your purpose. Your purpose is what makes your dream possible. We were all born with a destiny and a purpose to accomplish. You are the only one that can achieve your specific purpose. Knowing and embracing your purpose will move you to the front of the line and allow you to overcome the staggering statistic. That reminds me of an experience that at the airport when I was attempting to make an early flight. I arrived at the terminal only to find many people in line ahead of me that were trying to do the same thing I was. I was sure that I would miss my flight! Then I saw my friend good Paul near the front of the line. He motioned for me to come forward. We embraced, he let me in front of him, and I made my flight. Our purpose is like my friend Paul. When you know it and embrace it, you will move you to the front of the line and ahead of others trying to do what you are doing. Knowing and embracing your purpose will allow you to have the right philosophy.

The second right to dream achievement is the right perspective. The right perspective will come by selecting a mentor that has done what you are attempting to do. Finding a good mentor has two advantages. First, you benefit directly from the mentor’s experience and perspective. Secondly, they will help you to change your perspective. This is important because sometimes our delayed dreams are a direct result of our failure to change. I am reminded of you-tube video I saw the other day about a blind man who was homeless and begging on the street. He had a sign in front of him that read “Help, I’m blind”. People would walk past him every day without giving him any money. This became a consistent pattern. One day, a lady walks up, turns his sign around and writes something on it and walks away. All of a sudden, people would read what she wrote and donate money. His cup was now filled with money. I watched this video in amazement and I asked myself; “what is on that sign?” Suddenly, the camera panned on the sign that was changed to read “It’s a Beautiful day, and I can’t see it”. The lady was an effective mentor for the blind man because she helped him to change his perspective. Once he changed is perspective he was able to change his result. When we have the right perspective, we will move closer to our dreams.

The first right to dream achievement is the right philosophy, the second right is the right perspective. As I close I am reminded of the story of a young man named Craig that brings these two points home. Craig had a difficult childhood. He spoke with a lisp and he slurred his words. He was constantly getting teased by the other kids about they way he spoke. Then things went from bad to worse for Craig. When he was ten years old, he was told by a friend of his father that when spoke, he sounded like Daffy Duck and that he should be quiet. This event had a dramatic impact on him and he made every effort to avoid speaking in public. Well, this sad story has a happy ending. In 1999 Craig went on to win the Toastmasters International World Championship of Public Speaking and today Craig Valentine is a successful motivational speaker who speaks all over the world. What was Craig’s secret to success? First, he had the right philosophy. Craig’s dream was to win the world championship and believed that it was possible even when everyone made fun of him. Secondly he had the right perspective. Craig wanted to be the world champion so he selected a mentor who was a previous world champion. The mentor helped him to change his perspective, overcome the staggering statistic, and achieve his dream. I have good news for you today. If it worked for Craig, it will work for you. If you have the right philosophy and the right perspective, you can achieve the impossible dream.