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The NASCAR Channel on Sirius Radio

The NASCAR Channel on Sirius Radio

Are you a true NASCAR fan? Do you live for those times when you can watch the bright lights and fast action of the racetrack? In the past the ability to catch all of the fast action was limited to those times when you could either be at the track in person or when you could be at home watching it on television. Now NASCAR fans can make sure they do not miss even one heart-pounding moment with all the new media available between television, radio and the internet. Even providers like Sirius satellite radio offer a variety of racing action any time of the day. Just a couple of the options you can choose from to stay in tune with all of the most up to date racing action include Tony Stewart Live and Sirius Speedway.

Weekdays from 7am to 11am, race fans can tune into the Morning Drive, featuring updates on events and news as well as scandals that may be taking place throughout the world of NASCAR. The show is hosted by David Poole and Mike Bagley; two guys that have a tremendous amount of experience in the world of racing. Tradin’ Paint is another dedicated broadcast from 11am to 3pm each and every weekday. A variety of topics regarding the sport of racing are discussed in addition to call-ins. Everything from racing tactics and strategies to car changes are discussed in this lively program, hosted by Steve Post and Danny ‘Chocolate’ Myers.

Sirius Speedway begins at 3pm every day and runs through 7pm. A highly popular program, this is the show that started it all, including the NASCAR channel development. Listener phone calls, driver interviews and comedic antics can all be found on the show, broadcast live from Daytona International Speedway with Dave Moody, Ryan Horn and Suzy Armstrong.

Happy Hour may start at 5pm in other places, but it goes live at 7pm on Sirius with Host Pat Patterson discussing weekly reviews, news and a guide to what can be expected in the coming week. In-depth interviews with some of the top notch drivers in the sport are also offered.

Tony Stewart Live takes over at 8pm with a variety of entertainment and news segments dedicated to the sport of racing. If you are looking for in-depth coverage, this is one program you will not want to miss.

No matter which team or driver you’re rooting for, you will be certain to find all of the information, news and updates you need to stay informed about the world of racing on the NASCAR channel on Sirius. On the weekends you will discover live race coverage that takes you directly to the tracks. If you are a die hard racing fan and hate to miss even a moment of racing news and coverage, the NASCAR channel provides a way to stay in touch whether you are at home, at the office or on the road behind the wheel of your own vehicle.