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The World of Motorcycle Jumping & Stunting

The World of Motorcycle Jumping & Stunting

Motorcycling, for its many enthusiasts, is considered to be one of life’s many pleasures. It also launched the careers of men and women, many of which are now part of the motorcycling world’s hall of fame. This article will feature some the sport’s most famous people and their claim to fame.

Robert Craig Knievel or better known as Evil Knievel. Who could ever forget this so called legend, the “King of the Daredevils”. He became the world’s most famous motorcycle jumper and has inspired too many people to follow the road he’s taken. He began his career in the late 1960s and had set multiple entries in the Guinness Book of World Records in the entire duration of his career. He passed away November 30, 2007.

Roger Lidell of Martinsville, Indiana a.k.a. Mr. Backwards. His claim to fame would be backward motorcycle jumping. Doing this earned him a spot at the Guinness Book of World Records and was even featured on the hit television show “Ripley’s Believe it or Not”. His latest world record was jumping across six cars backwards.

Super Joe Einhorn claim to fame: jumping his Triumph 650 over 20 cars back in 1971. He suffered many accidents during his career but the one that triggered his retirement was a terrible accident back in 1976 which left him partially brain damaged.

Henry “The Pitbull” Rife started jumping at the age of 5. He preferred quads for jumping and his biggest jump was a 132′ from ramp-to-ground. He attempted to jump a house trailer but failed, one which knocked him out cold for almost 45 minutes and he sustained multiple body injuries. He made a comeback and even appeared on the David Letterman Show last year in September.

“Fearless” Bob Siros — Bob was a part of the Siros World Champion Daredevils Thrill Show. His claim to fame was the “Whirly Bird Jump” where he jumped his motorcycle over a helicopter while its blades were rotating.

Bob Duffey tagged as the “The Fastest Man on Two Wheels Backwards”. Recorded ET of 11.71 seconds and a trap speed of 122 mph.

Bubba Blackwell – “The Buell American Daredevil” started in motorcycle road racing and won the Heavy Weight Superbike National Championship in 1988. But like many others, his dream is to become a stunt performer like his hero, Knievel. Claim to fame: jumping over 20 cars breaking his idol’s record of 19 cars set in 1971.

Debbie Evans -The Queen of Trials. First woman to successfully ride in the US Trials during the late 1970s and is considered the best female rider in the history of the sport. She’s a Motorcycle Museum Hall of Famer.

Robbie Maddison. Claim to fame: smashed the previous record set for the “Longest Motorcycle Jump”. He set a new record of 322 feet, 7 inches (98.34 meters) in January, 2008 which was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records.

Debbie Lawler – “The Flying Angel”. She entered the world’s record for indoor motorcycle jumping for women. She was 21 years old when she jumped over 16 cars in the Houston Astrodome. The jump’s length was recorded at 101 feet.