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There’s No Substitute for Cubic Inches – Bore and Stroke Your Small Block With Penis Exercising

There’s No Substitute for Cubic Inches – Bore and Stroke Your Small Block With Penis Exercising

Before “hybrids” and “e-cars” were vogue, and when testosterone still flowed heavily through the veins of All American Men, there was a saying… “There’s no substitute for cubic inches.” Meaning, that the bigger the engine, the badder it was. Not only in terms of sheer horsepower, but more importantly in terms of raw, spinal-fracturing torque.

Bigger was better, in the days of old Detroit… Before the bailouts, before the bankruptcies, before the Unions and the “government” became co-owners, and before the “green” brigade began to dictate to the American People what they should or should not be driving.

Have you noticed that today, any old “pony” car is called a Muscle Car? Apparently, any old Mustang is a muscle car, so is any old Challenger, ‘Cuda, or anything else with decals and scoops from the late ’60s and early ’70s. It’s sort of like the “Woodstock” or the “Hendrix” enigma, where every person you meet, from that era, was actually at Woodstock and was actually purchasing and listening to Jimi Hendrix records. But the fact of it is, most people never made it to Woodstock and by some magical time-traveling event, The Osmonds and The Jackson Five became “Hendrix.”

For a car to be a “Muscle” car, it had to have gobs of torque and gobs of horsepower. An in-line six cylinder Mustang coupe from 1966 is about as far removed from a muscle car as you can get. To be a true muscle car, you need cubic inches. Your 426 Hemis, 428 and 429 Cobra Jets, 455s, 440s, Boss 429s, and your 427s. A 327 Chevy stuffed in a Chevelle is not a muscle car.

The baddest production engine of all time would be the Ford 427 S.O.H.C Hemi. Oh yes! Built by Ford to do battle with Chrysler’s 426 Hemi on the NASCAR tracks, the old “Cammer” as she is known, was so brutally-bad that the 426 Hemi couldn’t even come close. For that reason, and because Chrysler cried so much, ol’ Bill France and the NASCAR boys wouldn’t allow her to run on the NASCAR circuits, in the days when you could still, “Race on Sunday and Sell on Monday.” For, as I’m sure you are aware, those days in NASCAR are long gone… The “Car of Tomorrow” is a cookie cutter “car,” where the only differences between a Chevy and a Toyota, on the tracks of NASCAR, are the decals adorning the cars…

Anyway, the “Cammer,” holds the record for the “King of Horsepower from the Land of Gob.” In stock form, she’s got 800 horsepower, all from a naturally-aspirated engine, designed and built nearly fifty years ago. But if you still aren’t satisfied with her performance, stick on a blower and run some nitro through her and you’ll have 1,400 horsepower at your command… Jeepers, that’s a lot from a fifty-year old vintage piece of Detroit Iron.

Why was the Cammer such am incredible engine? Because it was huge with 427 cubic inches. Again, there is no substitute for cubic inches… And she was made even more lethal by adding single overhead camshafts to each cylinder bank. You had horsepower and torque that was endless and almost impossible to transfer it all to the tarmac.

Penis enlargement is a lot like those Muscle Cars with the Big Blocks under the hood. Cars with huge engines, with ferocious amounts of torque and horsepower, that couldn’t handle worth a damn, but could surely go like hell in a straight line. What better parallel to a penis can you find? Heck, all you need is lots of cubic inches (size volume) and straight line performance is all you truly need.

Turning your small-block penis from one of those in-line six cylinders into a fire-breathing seven-liter big block is easier than what most men think. You need to increase its stroke (penis length) and enlarge your bore (penis girth). This will give you all the extra cubes you need to get that Big Block Penis.

With penis exercising, increasing your stroke (length) is simply done using your hands to stretch out the ligaments which anchor the penis to the body. These exercises, when done properly, will increase your stroke for more gut-wrenching penis torque.

Boring out your small-block penis is done in the same method. The hands, again, are used to squeeze extra cubes into your penis by beefing up your block. By squeezing more blood into the penile caverns, we increase our penile bore (girth) and this give us more top-end penile horsepower.

What could be easier?

Georg von Neumann