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What Pros Wear: What Helmet are the Bosa Brothers Wearing? | Vicis Zero2 Trench

What Pros Wear: What Helmet are the Bosa Brothers Wearing? | Vicis Zero2 Trench
Nick Bosa in the Vicis Zero2 Trench. image via 49ers.com.

Nick and Joey Bosa have both of those been sporting a new helmet in 2022 – the Vicis Zero2 Trench. Nick initial switched into the Vicis Zero2 Trench throughout last seasons’ postseason following a concussion and has been sporting it ever because. I’d say it’s reasonable to assume Nick likes the helmet and told his significant brother, Joey, to take a look at it out throughout training camp and now he’s been carrying it much too. So significantly, the Vicis Zero2 Trench is pretty unheard of in the NFL but with these star move-rushers donning them, probably we will see the use increase in the coming years. Also, both of those Bosa brothers had been beforehand in the Riddell Speedflex helmet.

Joey Bosa in the Vicis Zero2 Trench. image via chargers.com.

The Vicis Zero2 Trench is the initial posture-specific soccer helmet and designed for both offensive and defensive line. To make the Zero2 Trench, Vicis took their tremendous prosperous Vicis Zero2 and additional a front exterior pad. That extra frontal pad is crafted for the reduced velocity impression that lineman face every single snap. This included safety presents the Bosa’s a tiny further cushion when clashing towards the offensive line.

The Vicis Zero2 Trench is tuned for low-velocity impacts and out-performs the competitors. image through vicis.com.

Due to the fact the interior of this helmet is similar to the regualr Zero2, it has Vicis’ 4 layers of safety. To start with, the tremendous adaptable outer shell, the Deformable Outer Shell. This shell responds very similar to a auto bumper and flexes extra than any other helmet out there. It absorbs the effects, guarding your head. The upcoming layer is the updated RFLX 2.. RFLX, carried in excess of from the Vicis 01, is Vicis’ system of pillars that bend to take up impact and then spring back into spot. For the Vicis 2., they a little bit altered the pillars to lighten the helmet whilst escalating power. The next layer is the Strengthened Inner Shell. The interior shell has been engineered through facts collected from hundreds of head designs to enhance in shape accuracy, maximize player comfort, and accommodate a broader assortment of gamers. The remaining layer is the DLTA Healthy Program. These are their pad pods that are absolutely interchangeable guaranteeing each and every player can have a customized-suit emotion helmet.

These are the 4 levels of the Vicis Zero2: Deformable Outer Shell, RFLX 2., Reinforced Inner Shell, DLTA In good shape Technique. picture through vicis.com.

The Vicis Zero2 Trench is genuinely the safest helmet in soccer and checks as the #1 helmet in both of those the NFLPA’s once-a-year study and the VT Helmet Ranking Scale. They may well be a very little odd seeking, but these are definitely the potential of head defense in the NFL. I assume we’ll see extra and far more lineman gravitate in direction of these lids, particularly with the stamp of approval from the Bosa brothers.

Also, if you want to get the Vicis Zero2 Trench for your self, they start at $999.99.