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Where Are They Now? – Canadian Olympic Athletes – Past & Present

Where Are They Now? – Canadian Olympic Athletes – Past & Present

Cindy Klassen – Speed Skating Legend

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Cindy Klassen started her competitive career in 1994 as she represented Canada on the women’s Field Lacrosse Team at the Commonwealth Games. After experimenting with lacrosse, hockey, and in-line skating, Klassen eventually found her true calling in speed skating. During the 2006 Winter Games, Klassen became the first Canadian ever to win five medals at a single Winter Olympics. So far, Klassen has won eight Olympic medals throughout the 2002 & 2006 Winter Games.

What is Cindy Doing Now?

On December 28, 2008, Klassen announced to the world that she would not be competing in the current World Cup season. She decided it would be better to rest her knee, which had just gone through surgery, to be better prepared for the 2010 Whistler Olympics.

Donovan Bailey – World’s Fastest Man

After watching the people he used to beat competing on the National Team, Donovan knew he had to return to the track. Six short years later, Donovan shattered the 100m Olympic & World Record winning his first gold medal.

Soon after setting the world record for the 100m sprint, he was challenged by the Olympic winner of the 200m sprint, Michael Johnson, in a highly publicized race that would decide “the world’s fastest man.”

The stage was set in Toronto’s SkyDome, where a sold out crowd of 60,000 eagerly anticipated the showdown. As the race begun, both Johnson and Bailey exploded out of the gates. As Bailey creeped past, Johnson pulled his quadriceps allowing Bailey to cruise past the finish line securing his title as the world’s fastest man.

What is Donovan Doing Now?

Currently, Donovan Bailey is pursuing business initiatives like real estate, a proprietary training program, and an upcoming apparel line. Donovan also works closely with charities where he supports everything from young athletes to cancer research.

Elvis Stojko – The King of Canadian Figure Skating

Named after Elvis Presley, Stojko grew up figure skating to Elvis Presley’s music. Although Stojko was the first person ever to land a quadruple-double jump at the 1991 World Championships, he placed 7th overall at the 1992 Olympic Games.

Riddled with injuries and setbacks, it wasn’t until 1994 when Stojko brought home his first silver Olympic medal. 4 years later, he won a second silver medal along with a slew of World Figure Skating Championship medals throughout 1994 – 2002.

What is Elvis Doing Now?

After his popular skating career, Elvis made several guest appearances on television. He guest starred as himself in an episode of The Simpsons, Kill Gil: Vols. 1 & 2, and a Canadian television show titled Chilly Beach.

Beckie Scott – A North American First

By the age of 5, Beckie Scott was developing cross-country skiing skills that would eventually lead her to the 1998 & 2002 Winter Olympic Games. After finishing third in the five kilometre cross-country skiing pursuit, Beckie was upgraded to first place after her opponents tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. As a result, Beckie Scott became the first North American woman to win an Olympic medal in cross-country skiing – and it was gold!

What is Beckie Doing Now?

Beckie has always been known for her stand against performance enhancing drugs. In 2005, Beckie joined the World Anti-Doping Agency’s athletes committee. Beckie has also supported charitable events by helping obtain donations for the UNICEF efforts in Afghanistan.

Mario Lemieux – Player, Owner, & Cancer Survivor

Born in 1965, Mario Lemieux has gone through his share of tough & triumphant times. Although fighting through cancer may have delayed Mario’s success, it never stopped him. During the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah, Mario Lemieux led team Canada to a gold medal in men’s hockey. Additionally, Lemieux led the Pittsburgh Penguins to 2 Stanley Cups. His talent eventually landed him a spot in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

What is Mario Doing Now?

In 1999 Mario Lemieux rescued his NHL Team from bankruptcy as he purchased the Pittsburgh Penguins. Mario is now the principal owner and chairman of the board for the Penguins. While owning his own NHL team, he still continued to play, and win, up until January 24, 2006 when he retired for the second and final time at the age of 40.