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Wizards commentator compares Kevin Porter Jr.’s game-winner to a horrific event involving his late father

Wizards commentator compares Kevin Porter Jr.’s game-winner to a horrific event involving his late father

On the evening he returned from a 1-recreation suspension, Rockets guard Kevin Porter Jr. strike a Harden-Esque sidestep 3-pointer Wednesday to defeat Bradley Beal’s Washington Wizards.

As Porter Jr. celebrated the buzzer-beater with his teammates, Glenn Consor, a commentator on the Wizards broadcast, considered his shot looked very similar to a horrific previous event involving Porter Jr’s dad, Bryan Kevin Porter Sr.

“What a effectively-created enjoy. You gotta give credit to Kevin Porter Jr., like his dad, pulled that bring about appropriate at the suitable time. Boy, that a single stung.”

Glenn Consor

In 1993, Kevin Porter Jr.’s father, Bryan Kevin Porter Sr., invested four several years in jail on convictions of manslaughter for capturing a 14-year-outdated girl. Porter Sr. claimed his semiautomatic weapon fired unintentionally as he handed it to the lady throughout an trade in his auto. Porter Sr. was shot and killed in a Seattle bar eleven a long time later on. Kevin Porter jr. was four several years old at the time.

The context of Consor’s remark has sparked controversy on the internet. Enthusiasts are outraged, with a lot of individuals waiting for an apology, while other individuals are expecting a work termination.

“Kevin Porter Jr., like his dad, pulled that set off suitable at the suitable time” I just cannot think this was in fact explained on the Wizards broadcast.. Completely inexcusable.”


“DUDE WHAT THE F–K (Indeed his father played basketball but… YOU Couldn’t HAVE Assumed OF A thing ELSE?!)”

Adam Rosen

“Get some regulations on these broadcasters lmao”

Kenny Uchiha

“This is the craziest factor I’ve at any time heard on an NBA broadcast and all people associated needs to be fired, whole cease. It does not get a lot more inappropriate. Holy shit.”

Dan Wolken

Damn… if that is not a fireable offense idk what i…just insensitive and flat out uncalled for…

James Hellams

Some supporters experimented with to connect logic to Consor’s analogy, arguing that the commentator could’ve thought Kevin Porter Jr. is the son of previous NBA participant Kevin Porter.

Kevin Porter played for the Washington Bullets among 1972 and 1983. He was regarded as one particular of the very best passers for the duration of his time. On the other hand, Kevin Porter is currently 71 years old, earning him not likely to have a 21-calendar year-outdated son. Nonetheless, the similarity in the title could’ve been a bring about of the achievable mistake.

Whichever the situation could be, Kevin Porter Jr. followed a 7 days of disappointment and suspensions with enjoyment and pleasure. Porter Jr. concluded with 9 points, 7 rebounds, 8 helps, and 4 steals. He’ll appear to carry that momentum into his matchup vs. Luka Doncic and the Mavericks Saturday night.