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2010 March Madness Brackets

2010 March Madness Brackets

With the biggest basketball event of the year starting very shortly it will come in handy to be prepared for the best hoops tournament of the year. The largest event for the NCAA is not the bowl games but rather whats known as March Madness. March Madness starts off in mid March and ends the first week of April as a national champion is declared. The tournament is structured so that 65 teams get to play but the last seeded team out of the four conferences has to play to get the 64th spot. When that game is decided than the tournament begins on a Thursday with games taking place every single day for the first four days.

After the first two rounds the teams remaining are playing in the Sweet 16 followed by the Elite 8, Final 4, and than the national championship which is to be played in Indianapolis, Indiana on April 5th. Last years national champion was the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Tarheels. They will be looking to repeat but since they have lost the bulk of their talent and are not currently ranked the odds are very slim that this will come to fruition.

For the 2010 tournament it would be highly advised to go online and download march madness brackets from quality sports websites online that offer quality sports information like up to date match ups, scores, up to date brackets, injury reports, and other misc. information that will be very useful for the duration of the playoffs.

Once you have downloaded and printed your bracket it would be highly advised to enter into a tournament pool either with fellow co-workers or friends and than every body can put a few dollars in hope their teams that they picked win more than the next guy and take home a nice little pay day for a little bit of work. Since the madness is so crazy you will find that Americas productivity decreases 3% due to individuals watching the games instead of doing work and with all the layoffs and high unemployment no worker can afford to be slacking off so please be very careful and make sure you abide by all the rules of the office and don’t piss your boss off when you win your tournament pool!