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Angle Park Greyhound Racing Track

Angle Park Greyhound Racing Track

Greyhound racing is one of the most popularly followed sports in Australia. It is exciting, fast paced and definitely full of action. In South Australia, the premier greyhound racetrack is the Angle Park. It is just off South Road and conducts weekly meetings several times a week, particularly Monday and Wednesday nights, and Thursday mornings.

The very first Adelaide greyhound race at Angle Park was held in April 20th, 1972. Aside from the regular meetings held on weekdays, races are also held here during weekends and are conducted even more often as the peak season approaches. Angle Park is considered one of the best venues for greyhound racing for it offers sand races and has tried another type of lure system namely the cable lure system.

The track has a total circumference measurement of 457 meters, with a radius of 51 meters and a width of 6.5 meters. Races are held in different distances – 515, 600 and 731 meters. Thirty minutes before the first race is the expected kenneling time. Aside from the actual races, Angle Park also holds trial races, which are on Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings. Trial races are held in all or any of the 3 distances.

Some of the notable features of Angle Park include the sand surface track and cable lure system it uses. It offers full TAB facilities and bookmakers on site and even receives will SKY television coverage where you can view video replays of races at the track for those families and professionals who unfortunately missed the race or even those who just want to see the race again for a perfect night out. You can also park your vehicles inside the grounds for free as the place offers free car parking for everyone. However, if you are wondering if you can camp on the site, unfortunately there are no camping facilities available for trainers who are traveling. Kennels are also not available for greyhounds.

Of course, in every race held there has to be betting involved. If you are to wager on Angle Park greyhounds, you will have two options. One is traditional wagering and the other is Internet betting. A lot of people these days probably prefer Internet betting more for the purpose of convenience and easy accessibility but some still do prefer the traditional way of wagering no matter how lengthy its usual procedures are when it comes to bet processing.

Also dubbed as the Greyhound Park, Angle Park is definitely the premier greyhound race park not only in Adelaide but also in entire South Australia.