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Baseball Parks – The Pros and Cons of Watching Baseball Games

Baseball Parks – The Pros and Cons of Watching Baseball Games

There are a great number of people who are really more psyched in going to baseball parks to see their favorite baseball team than just watching the game at home on their TVs. They say that nothing could beat being at the ball park because there anyone can feel the excitement in the air and seeing a game victories is really better with hearing live shouts of hurray. Even with the heat and crowdedness that are among the norm in ball parks, there are really people who would still choose being where the action really is than being in their living rooms in front of their TVs.

However, no matter how many people might perceive watching games right in baseball parks, there are still advantages and disadvantages to this. Although nobody could really influence one’s preference or final decision when it comes to watching their favorite game of baseball, at least it is good to know of these pros and cons, so better and more guided decisions can be made next time when it comes to catching a game of baseball.

It can’t be denied that being in baseball parks for a game, especially for the major leagues, is really very thrilling. This is coupled by the fact that there are many ball parks now that are quite scenic and are attractions in themselves. If a game happens to be held on a great sunny day, then it would definitely be better for anyone to be in a baseball park than at home, where there are no commercials to contend with and the crackle of excitement is palpable in the summer air.

However, the major downers about being in baseball parks are the cost of the tickets and the location of the seats. With this, it is just okay for people who can afford seats that are closer to the field. But for those who can only get seats from 50 rows up, then there would be less chance for then to really follow the game. This is because they would already be sitting too far to be able to distinguish a pitch from a strike. There are also other expenses in seeing a game at ball parks as well and these include refreshments, parking, souvenirs and many others. Another thing that anyone would have to contend with when it comes to being in ball parks is the possible change of weather during ball games. After being under the heat of the sun, there are really chances when a sudden downpour could happen during a game. This could result in anyone getting drenched in just minutes and could even end up getting sick.

So, while the thrill and excitement of being able to watch a baseball game right in baseball parks can’t be beat by just watching it on TV, there are also considerations that one must make before deciding to buy some tickets. However, if it is really the preference of someone to watch a game live, then he or she is ready to deal with everything, good or bad, that his or her decision can bring.