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Book Summary: Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter by Liz Wiseman and Greg McKeon

Book Summary: Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter by Liz Wiseman and Greg McKeon

Leverage is a key word that can make the difference between Joe’s bathroom service and Apple. This is such a strong concept that it really needs to be studied and implemented. Multipliers puts this into perspective and shows via research that leaders that are Multipliers get double the productivity and genius out of their people then “Diminishers” do.

Why is this important to me?

This is critical because everybody complains that they are too busy. It is the proverbial bull shit excuse to not get the important stuff done. If you can learn to leverage your people by learning to become a multiplier then your organization and your career will blossom.

According to Gallup, organizations with engaged employees grow their earnings per share 4 times faster than organizations with disengaged employees. Think another way that your organization with 50 people will produce more than an organization will 100 people. This to me is a no brainer to study and implement.

If you have watched some of my other summaries then you know I am a fan of “Inversion”. This book studies both sides and the main hindrance to being a multiplier is Ego and Control.

This book is broken down into 7 key parts. The first part is the multiplier effect which we covered already. What is excellent about this book is that it is based on research. You can dive into the research questions and assumptions along with the methodology of collection. The 5 disciplines of the Multiplier are:

1. Attract and Optimize talent – The Diminisher is an Empire Builder. The Multiplier is a talent magnet. If you are in the information business like software, life sciences or other technology driven field then you know that talent is good but the correct environment is critical. Talent magnets develop and attract talent. You see this in college football all the time. The best teams continuously get the best recruits.

2. The Liberator – Creates intensity that requires best thinking – sometimes when you lead talented people, you fall into the nice guy trap. This is very dangerous. If you analyze any world class coach and talk to his players, they will tell you that they expect the best with no exceptions. This builds trust and respect. Michael Phelps coach Bob Bowman had him on the same routine for 12 years and only once let him leave 15 minutes early for a school dance. Michael wanted to be the best and his coach delivered without being a tyrant. The Multiplier is a Liberator and the Diminsher is a tyrant.

3. Extend Challenges – Multipliers know how to get the most out of their people.

They do this even though the people don’t think they can do it. This is the key. You see a person in their twenty’s running billion dollar divisions inside of Apple. Multipliers know how to lay down a challenge that is initially viewed as bigger than them and the people rise to the occasion. The Diminsher is a know-it-all and the Multiplier is a Challenger.

4. Debate Decisions – The multiplier knows how to get the best out of their team. They foster debate to come to the best decisions. The Diminisher is a Decision Maker and the Multiplier is a Debate Maker. This does not mean that Multipliers are wishy-washy. They do make decisions but they know that heated thoughtful debate will lead to a better outcome then a fast I centered decision.

5. The Investor – Instill Ownership and Accountability. Once the Multiplier sets a task to a team mate then that person owns it. They invest the project in that person and give them full accountability. Regardless of the result, then that person has to deliver. This means that the Multiplier does NOT come in and take over the project. They do watch it for progress but the accountability falls on the person who the Multiplier put in charge. As you can see this one is really hard to do. I have been guilty of this in my own business. If I give a project that I don’t know anything about then it is easier because I cannot do the task. For example we have outstanding software people. I cannot do their work so for me to give them accountability is straightforward because I cannot go in and take over. On the flip side, I do know how to sell and run enterprise accounts. My sales team is better at this than I am but I still have more of a control issue because I instinctively want to take over. The Dimisher is a Micro-manager. The Multiplier is an Investor.

Multipliers is a great book that I strongly suggest you read, regardless if you have your own organization or work for somebody else. This book will show you what the true talent is doing and if you are working for a Diminisher or worse than that the top dogs in your company are Diminishers then you are going to want to look for a new opportunity. I personally need to put these practices into place to make my company a better and more effective organization. I will start this NOW.

I hope you have found this short summary useful. The key to any new idea is to work it into your daily routine until it becomes habit. Habits form in as little as 21 days. One thing you can take away from this book is to recognize if you are a Diminisher or Multiplier. One thing to point out is that most Diminishers are very smart people. This can be their handy cap because they feel that other people won’t be able to get it done because they are not as smart. This is a very I centered and foolish assumption and will hamstring any organization that does not understand it and overcome it.