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Bruce Springsteen’s Exclusive Radio Station

Bruce Springsteen’s Exclusive Radio Station

Fans of Bruce Springsteen and the E. Street Band have their own channel on SIRIUS Satellite Radio. EStreetRadio is all the Boss 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Bruce Springsteen is an amazing singer, songwriter and guitarist who has been dazzling fans for over 30 years. Bruce Springsteen records and tours with the E Street Band since 1972. Springsteen discography includes 25 albums from 1973 to 2007. The winner of 18 Grammy Awards fills this station with incredible music including Hungry Heart, Dancing in the Dark, Glory Days, Tunnel of Love, and Human Touch.

This station is a special place on the satellite radio line-up for Springsteen fans with incredible moments in their history brought to you directly from E Street Band Members. Hear about stage antics or riding shotgun with Bruce from Clarence Clemmons, Nils Lofgren, or Roy Bittan. Subscribers will enjoy hearing rare tracks and studio outtakes from the archives.

SIRIUS Radio brings you serious concert action on EStreetRadio. If you missed that concert back in ’77 in Detroit you can hear it on Springsteen Live. Hear full length concert recordings from the early years as well as recent recordings.

Guest DJs such as Andrew McCarthy, star of Pretty in Pink and Mannequin, play some of their favorite Springsteen tracks and tell interesting stories. Previous guest DJs on this station included Bill Bradley, Steve Earl and many others. As an added bonus to listeners each day a fan is chosen to play their favorite tracks as the DJ on You Be the Boss.

EStreetRadio is not just music it is a wealth of information. Fans can enjoy interviews from E Street Band members or Bruce Springsteen. Keep up with all the latest news by listening to Insider Reports.

Sirius Satellite Radio brings listeners over 130 channels of unique content with a wide variety of music channels completely commercial free. SIRIUS plays pop, hip-hop, rock, jazz, standards, and more. Sports enthusiasts will enjoy the extreme sports programming including SIRIUS NFL and SIRIUS NASCAR. Sports programming includes college sports, soccer, NBA, and additional sports programs. This satellite radio provider has talk radio with Howard Stern and Martha Stewart as well as comedy from Jamie Foxx.

Subscribers have a wide choice of radios available including in-vehicle dock & play radios, home radios, and personal handheld satellite radios. The Stiletto 2 and Stiletto 100 are personal radios that can double as a MP3 player and allow you to record a few hours of EStreetRadio on channel 10 for playback at a later time. You are the boss when you bring EStreetRadio to your home or vehicle.