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Checking in on the Price of Following Nascar

Checking in on the Price of Following Nascar

Following Nascar can be expensive for its aficionados, because in every season there are literally hundreds of different types of events that you can take advantage of. It is not just the tickets, though most serious fans try and see at least one live event a season, it is the weekend Nascar mini breaks, the memorabilia and the clothes. In this article we are going to attempt to break down some of the potential costs that you can run to in a season. Nascar racing is a thrilling exciting and addictive hobby and if you begin to follow it there are a lot of hidden costs that you can get embroiled in.

The most obvious expense is actually the cost of the tickets to live events.

Although it is possible to watch Nascar on television it is nowhere near as exciting as watching it live. Two tickets can be at least $100 per person for decent seats at a race which is worth paying to watch. On top of the admission price you will very likely have to add transport costs as it is unlikely that the race will be local. The official Nascar website advertise ticket and travel packages that include your hotel stay for a 3 day weekend plus the admission. This option takes a lot of stress out of the weekend and you can sit back and enjoy the thrill of the race.

Just because you will want to go and watch a few Nascar events live does not mean that you will not watch other events on the TV. Watching Nascar channels means purchasing a satellite or cable package. Fortunately Nascar is so popular that the majority of cable and satellite companies have created Nascar viewing packages. These are complete packages which allow the viewer to watch every single race of the season.

Comcast is an example of a company that is rapidly becoming the market leader for loyal Nascar fans. They offer access to all seventy races of the season on the Nascar FOX channel, ABC HD, ESPN 2 HD, ESPN, ABC and Fox. This package will cost you between $50 a month for the basic package and this price can raise to $80 per month if you add-on other channels and services.

Nascar memorabilia is extensive Nascar personal checks are extremely popular and cheap to purchase. Other items are tee-shirts, mugs, flags, car decals, lights, wallpaper and bedding such as continental quilt covers or sheets. On average most Nascar fans will spend about $65 in each season supporting the top Nascar drivers such Michael McDowell, Regan Smith and Jeff Gordon.

When you break down these costs it can be seen that $850 per annum is a conservative figure to be a committed loyal Nascar fan. That is $300 for race tickets, $400 for weekend accommodation costs for the races, $80 for Nascar cable channels and $65 for Nascar gear. Most fans will tell you that figure is cheap at half the price for the thrills and excitement they get out of their hobby is worth every last cent. Whilst it might seem mad to start with when you become a veteran in your second season you will spend that without a seconds thought.