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Easton Air Hockey Table Review

Easton Air Hockey Table Review

An air hockey table can be the crowning addition and centerpiece to your family’s recreation space, and as such, you will want to purchase an Easton air hockey table. Easton air hockey tables by Playcraft have a very minimalistic clean style that will keep your play space looking uncluttered and organized.

Easton air hockey tables are produced by Playcraft, a company that produces the highest quality of pool tables, game tables, shuffleboard tables and arcade equipment. By purchasing this brand for your family’s recreation space, you are bringing in a high tech piece of amateur sporting equipment with advanced scoring technology on an LED screen. By committing to a quality piece of equipment like the Easton table, you are taking your recreational space to the next level.

These tables have a reputation for being durable and high quality. They are also known for being an affordable, yet quality, product in a line of products that are typically very costly. The Easton air hockey table offers a playing surface composed of hard mica covered with a high gloss laminate, and more than 3,500 air holes that push air to the surface and create a smooth cushion of air for the puck to glide along. These features reduce puck friction and increase the speed of play, making the game much more fun and competitive.

Additionally, Playcraft’s blower fans are known for their durability and long lifespan. They are known to produce a steady stream of consistent air, and to outlast competitor models, meaning that less cost is incurred with future replacements over time.

Easton tables are also built with an MDF base covered with hard mica laminate, and solid, sturdy legs. Purchasers can be certain that Easton tables are built to withstand even the toughest matches.

Ping pong conversion kits are also available for Easton tables that will allow the system to be covered with a regulation-sized playing surface, all at an affordable cost, much lower than the cost of purchasing a ping pong table. This gives your rec space more possibilities, and your game nights more fun, all without taking up additional valuable space.

Easton air hockey tables also feature electronic play with options for 10, 20 or 30 minute periods of play or free play. Additionally, players can keep a beverage on hand with hideaway cup holders. Electronic noises and other game play effects will have your neighbors begging to come over and play.