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Fantasy NASCAR and Auto Racing Is a Sport All Its Own

Fantasy NASCAR and Auto Racing Is a Sport All Its Own

Fantasy sports are continuing to grow in popularity and we now see more fantasy sports than ever before, including fantasy NASCAR and auto racing. Millions of people are NASCAR fans, making it one of the most popular sports in the world and that has a lot to do with why it’s such a popular fantasy sport. NASCAR and Auto Racing is challenging with lots of action, everything you could want in a game.

Lucky Dog Racing says, “NASCAR’s 40 million hard-core fans spend nearly 9 hours a week following NASCAR through all types of media outlets.”

Understanding Fantasy NASCAR Leagues

You have the option of establishing your own league or joining one that already exists. Anytime you join a league, it’s vital that you gather all of the information upfront so you know what you’re joining. You need to know their rules and make sure it’s something that you agree with before joining.

When forming your own league, you have a few decisions to make, starting with how many players you’ll have. Most leagues consist of either six or ten players and there will be three active starter drivers per race, but each league can have more drivers.

You also need to choose the type of league you want to have. One type chooses the drivers at the start of the racing season and they remain the same all year. In the second type of league, the drivers are picked each week.

Drivers are chosen by auction or through a draft. In the auction, all players bid for the rights to a driver and everyone starts out with equal money. When the draft system is used, the first draft is purely chosen by chance. Each draft after that will proceed in the reverse order from the standings of the week before.

Scoring System and Variations for Fantasy NASCAR

In some leagues, the drivers will compete each week and the driver with the most wins will be the winner for the season. With this system, there will often be a playoff system in place in the event of a tie. Another variation of the game requires the drivers to accumulate points throughout the season and the player that has the most points at the end of the season is determined the winner.

There are two common methods used for scoring points and the one used is determined by the player who actually forms the league. The Bonus Points System is commonly used and it awards drivers 5 points for leading the most laps, 5 points for each lead lap and 20 points for winning from the pole position.

The second system begins by awarding the winner of the race 150 points and then each driver to follow receives 5 points less than the one preceding him with the second place driver earning 145 points, the third place driver earns 140 points and so forth. It also offers drivers 5 bonus points for leading the most laps and 5 points are given to the driver who begins the race in the pole position.

If you’re a NASCAR fan looking for a new way to get more involved in the game, this just might be the right idea for you.