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Grace Filled Moments

Grace Filled Moments

What do you want me to notice today?

Today, I want you to share grace. It is interesting that people seem to think this is something one only receives each day. It is often something experienced after one has done something wrong or not done something one could have done in a particular situation. And somehow, life has a way of smoothing things out. Over time, we find that past experiences whereby something caused harm or a change of direction in our lives gave us meaning, hope, and healing at a later point in our lives.

Most people live their lives as though they expect life to always go their way. If you look back upon your life, you know this is not the case. Grace is knowing life will have it’s ups and it’s downs and knowing it is all worth the journey.

How can I get there?

Try this. No matter what comes your way today – face it with the understanding that you are not alone and you have what it takes to make it through whatever comes your way. This kind of confidence comes through you and not from you. We all receive from life far more than we give to it. Reflect on this. You will find that it is true. How does the world survive with such patterns of behavior from our Creator. If you were to simply ponder this one notion itself, you will be in amazement all day long.

Consider this, from the moment you are born until you are 18, there is no way you can ever repay your parents for all they have done for you. There is no way. It doesn’t end here though. Life is simply this way. Think about it and be grateful.

All the silly little mistakes was make each day in our jobs, our family, and our friends. We would not be able to obtain any level of intimacy without grace. Today, give thanks to your Creator for such a magical place, created in a way, to make us all destined for unconditional love.

In my work as a Hospice Chaplain, I witness dying people realize just how fortunate they were in having been given so much. This is not to say that sadness and anger is not present. If you look a little closer, sadness and anger are the result of being grateful for what we have been given and not wanting to let it go.