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Horseshoes – Tips from the Pros

Horseshoes – Tips from the Pros

Looking to turn those leaners into ringers? Not scoring as well as you would like? Get some horseshoe tips that the pros recommend.

When looking to improve your game, the pros are the best source for information. Study the top class pitchers. Record and watch their games so you can play it back as many times as you need to. Play them in slow motion to get a full understanding of what they are doing during their swing. How are their feet moving? What stance do they use? How do they grip the horseshoe? Look for things each of the pros have in common and practice them. Let me repeat this because it is important: Practice them! Set small goals for yourself and keep the focus on those goals. Keep all of your excess movement to a minimum and just keep thinking about what it takes to nail those ringers. Also do not overdo it. Keep your practice sessions short because you do not want to throw your arm out.

When analyzing your release, try to release the horseshoes at chest height. If you are on the smaller size you might want to release just a little bit higher. This can get your arcs just right and start hitting the stake 80% of the time. What you are doing here is getting the perfect alignment and perfect height. With a lot of practice and focus you can start landing those ringers for 80% of your throws.

Remember that there are many factors that determine the outcome of your throw and most begin with the basics. Study your form. Make sure to follow through on your swing. Ending your throw with your arm straight in the air is a great follow through. While swinging make sure that you have a solid stance and are not off balance. If you want to really be analytical, start writing down your progression. Write down how many throws you pitched each day, how many were ringers, etc. Pay close attention to where your misses land. Now after a week, see if you have any patterns. If you do, try to concentrate on those areas. This is an excellent way to really focus on yourself and improve your basic of the game.

Focus! Being focused is something that every great athlete needs to do but it cannot be repeated enough. Focus on your target. Clear your mind and try to only see the stake. No other thoughts, no other pictures, no distractions from your field of vision – just see the stake. Try to block out anyone else in the surrounding area. Do not pay attention to noises or conversations. There is plenty of time to talk after you throw your two ringers.

When practicing it is important to practice like it counts. If you practice too relaxed then you are going to play too relaxed. If you do not give 100% focus and attention to your goals when practicing, then you are not going to do it when it counts either. Imagine every throw being the deciding factor in a world championship title match. Put the pressure on yourself. All the mistakes you make in practice due to lack of concentration will form bad habits. These mistakes will come back to haunt you in competition play.

Not only do you need to physically practice, but you need to mentally practice as well. You need to keep a positive mental attitude during practice and during games. When it comes down to the wire in a game, you can defeat yourself with a poor mental attitude or outlook. Do not force a practice on yourself either. If you are not interested or are too tired then do not practice. Otherwise you are just creating a poor atmosphere for yourself and you will not give it 100%. Remember, practice 100% and play 100%.