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How to Cleanse Colon Naturally

How to Cleanse Colon Naturally

Cleaning out your colon is a hot topic – it seems you read about it everywhere lately. Discussions about the way our modern diets of processed foods and saturated fats are poisoning our bodies and causing many of us to feel tired, achy, and constipated. And maybe you’re ready to do it for yourself, but you’d like to find out how to cleanse colon naturally.

While you’ll read about numerous ways to approach it, cleaning out your colon just boils down to different variations of a couple of methods. Because the bottom-line is that to clean out your system you’re either going to choose to buy something you have to ingest or insert, or you going to choose to visit a professional for an in-office colon irrigation. So what are some of the popular natural ways?

Purchasing supplements specifically made for colon cleansing is probably the most popular method. These are generally made with natural contents and will commonly include ingredients such as cascara sagrada, fennel powder, walnut, ginger, slippery elm, licorice, and psyllium husk. In addition to cleaning out toxins, some also target parasites. You can expect to take most supplements for anywhere from thirty to ninety days. Most people choose this method because it’s convenient and many people have gotten good results.

Some people choose to go on a fasting cleanse. This way of cleansing generally involves drinking a lot of purified water along with a raw food diet including only raw fruits and vegetables. This diet will require a lot of discipline and determination. During the process, you are not just cleansing out your body, but also giving it powerful natural nutrients to build on and you’ll naturally lose quite a few pounds depending on how long you fast.

You can also choose to use salt to clean out your bowels, whether by drinking a saltwater solution or by giving yourself a saltwater enema. You’ll want to stay close to your bathroom for this method. Some people also report having success with eating bentonite clay and flaxseeds along with taking probiotics to maintain a healthy balance during the cleanse.

Some natural laxatives that will relieve constipation and stimulate bowel movements include psyllium husks, which are high in fiber. Good old-fashioned prunes can also do the trick for relieving constipation, though it’s not proven if any of these laxatives will help remove old waste that might be lining the colon.

Perhaps you might prefer going to a specialist for a colonic. This procedure typically takes less an hour and generally involves lying face up on a table while water is slowly infused into your anus to flush out fecal matter and waste, cleaning your colon in the process. It’s important you only have this done by a certified colon hydrotherapist. Similar equipment, usually known as a colonic or enema board, can be purchased to do this procedure at home.

You know yourself best, so only you know if you’ve got the desire to stick to fasting on a raw-food diet or whether you’re comfortable getting a colon irrigation done by a therapist. And if you know that you’ve preferred taking natural supplements in the past, then that’s likely the way to go this time. But no matter what method you choose, it’s great that you’re taking this important step towards a healthier life.