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Knee Braces Provide Injury Protection For Softball Players

Knee Braces Provide Injury Protection For Softball Players

Softball is a popular sport that is very similar to baseball, with only a few subtle differences. For one thing, the softball is larger than the baseball, and the diamond that the game is played on is smaller than a traditional baseball diamond. People began playing softball in the late 1800s, with the first known game being played in 1887 by Harvard and Yale alumni. Upon hearing the score from their annual football game, one of the Yale graduates threw a boxing glove at a Harvard fan, which was hit by someone who swung a stick at it. Thus began the game of softball, which is played by millions of people today. Don’t let the name softball fool you. These balls are no softer than a regular baseball, and when you get hit with one, it hurts.

Softball Players Prone to the Same Injuries as Baseball Players

Because the two sports are so similar in nature, baseball and softball players are often prone to the same types of injuries. A common injury among players of both sports is knee injury, and there are many ways that athletes can get many types of knee injuries. For this reason, you will often see ball players wearing knee braces. This is not only because they are treating injuries that they already have, but also to prevent injuries from occurring in the future.

When it comes to knee braces, especially for athletes such as softball players, they need to be lightweight, comfortable and enable the wearer to have plenty of range of movement. This is why so many softball players can be seen wearing the DonJoy Drytex Playmaker Wraparound/Sleeve knee brace. This brace is extremely comfortable to wear and provides lightweight protection against knee ligament injuries while allowing for maximum movement. Available in sizes from extra small to extra, extra, extra large, the DonJoy Drytex Playmaker Wraparound/Sleeve knee brace is ideal for knee pain relief and athletes of both sexes and of all sizes.

Features of the DonJoy Drytex Playmaker Wraparound/Sleeve Knee Brace

The DonJoy Drytex Playmaker Wraparound/Sleeve knee brace is made from Drytex fabric, a more breathable alternative to Neoprene, which has been the fabric of choice for many knee brace wearers for a number of years. This brace is available with either a closed or open popliteal, so if you need extra support in the kneecap, it is there. Athletes with mild to moderate PCL, ACL, MCLK and LCL instabilities can benefit from using the DonJoy Drytex Playmaker Wraparound/Sleeve knee brace, which provides a Four-Points-of-Leverage Dynamic System that supports the knee joint, particularly the anterior cruciate ligament, while the polycentric hinges provide the wearer with full range of movement.

If you are a softball player, or are involved in any other type of sport that involves running and impact on the knees, you need to think about wearing knee braces for protection against knee injuries.