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My Live Events in DirecTV

My Live Events in DirecTV

Subscribers of DirecTV can check all upcoming live sports events in the listings provided by My Live Events of My DirecTV. “My Live Events” is an online portal that can be browsed and used to record or order live sports events from UFC events to featured games of NHL, NBA, NFL and others. This is a great site for sports fan to find all details of sports programs on DirecTV for a month. Details of different sports events are listed down in a number of segments that are explained in brief below.

Upcoming Fights: As the name suggests, the “Upcoming Fights” carries details of the live broadcasts of UFC or WWE pay-per-views that are to be delivered very soon. Subscribers can browse the list and place an order accordingly. The details regarding broadcast timings, dates, channel numbers are delivered in the list.

Featured Fight Replays: The list called “Featured Fight Replays” contains the list of pay-per-view events of UFC and WWE. Sports pay-per-views include both live and replays of different events. When subscribers fail to watch the live events, they can easily catch them next in the pay-per-view replays. The “Featured Pay-Per-View Replay” list contains channel number, broadcast timings, pricing, players’ info and other details. Subscribers can browse as well as place orders and set recordings from the list itself.

NFL: Featured Game: The “NFL: Featured Game” contains listings of different live broadcasts of NFL games. The list presents the whole month’s listings of different NFL games on DirecTV. In the next month, a new list will be displayed. Subscribers can browse through the list and set recordings of their favorite and desired show. Subscribers can record to DVRs and watch whenever they want without any time limitations. From the list, subscribers can extract information in terms of timings, channel number and others.

NBA: Featured Game: The “NBA: Featured Game” displays the list of upcoming live NBA game broadcasts along with timing, channel number and other details. Accessing the list, the basketball fans can set recordings of the games they want to watch. This way they can look forward to watching their favorite basketball game without missing a single moment.

NHL: Featured Game: Accessing the “NHL: Featured Game” list, subscribers can check all upcoming (of a month) broadcasts of NHL games on DirecTV. Subscribers, especially the hockey fans do not have go to other areas for gathering info on hockey programs on DirecTV. Apart from this, from My Live Events, subscribers can set recordings of their favorite hockey game on to their DVRs.

Apart from NBA, NFL or NHL games subscribers can also find access to other popular games. From My Live Events, subscribers can also order live soccer games. Different soccer games are listed in My Live Events.

From explanation above, it is evident that various listings presented by “My Live Events” are very useful. Subscribers can check the listings to order pay-per-view events as well as record the other events. Such listings serve real purpose in today’s world when subscribers do not have time to browse the long program listings. But instead, it is really useful if they find something where they can directly browse their favorite areas, be it sports, music or cinema. And My DirecTV gives it all. In case of sports broadcasts it is surely My Live Events.