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Netball Equipment – What You Need to Know

Netball Equipment – What You Need to Know

Netball is a popular sport which is frequently played in schools and colleges as well as on a professional level. As with any other ball sport it is necessary to have the right clothing and equipment before beginning to play netball. For those that are new to the game, or need their memory refreshing, here are some tips on choosing the netball equipment you will need.

The actual ball used in playing netball is similar in many ways to a basketball, although it is marginally softer, smaller and lighter weight. The International Federation of Netball Associations states that Gilbert is the official netball supplier, though Mitre and other brands also make perfectly good balls. Many balls are available with specific textures, patterns and designs, meaning that there is a wide range for the player to choose from. The majority of gyms and schools can provide adequate netball courts with posts and rings.

Appropriate clothing is a vital part of netball equipment, it is important that clothing does not restrict movement or get in the way of safe and efficient play. There are numerous trainer styles available from top brands such as Asics which lend themselves perfectly to the game. Suitable footwear allows for manoeuvrability whilst offering the right level of support, is cushioned against impact on hard floors and has exceptional grip. There are also specifically designed socks to accompany netball footwear. As it is a predominantly female sport, most netball equipment suppliers provide a range of suitable sports bras.

What individuals wear to play netball will depend on their team’s style, personal taste and sometimes the time of year and temperature. There are selections of skirts, shorts and sports trousers readily available. T shirts can be sleeveless, short sleeved or long sleeved. Often the kit you will need to wear will depend on the event you are playing at and the level at which you play. In most practice sessions you can probably choose your clothing within reason. Garments should be chosen with practicality in mind and should also be comfortable.

Bibs are another important part of netball equipment. They are available in various styles and colours and each is clearly marked to make player position identification easy. Some are even reversible to allow a choice of colours, so whether you play goal keeper, wing defense or any other position, you are ready for different games with just one bib.

In addition to these products, there are numerous accessories that you may need as part of your netball equipment. Bags to transport your kit come in various shapes and sizes and which you choose will depend on personal preference and practicality. Some other items you may wish to consider include sweatbands, water bottles or your own whistle. Pumps to re-inflate balls that have lost some air can also be a valuable purchase; these are available in manual or electrical versions. Once you have chosen all the netball equipment you need, you should be able to enjoy the game more than ever.