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NHL Hockey Betting Tips

NHL Hockey Betting Tips

It’s hockey playoff season, one of the most anticipated times of year for several hockey fans. If you know a bit about hockey, the teams, the players, and the general rules of the game, you can make money from it.

NHL Hockey Betting – The Money Line

The very first type of bet in NHL hockey betting is referred to as the money line. For example, given these betting figures: Boston Bruins – 120 and Buffalo Sabres +120, you will see that the Bruins are the team in favor. If you place your bet on the Bruins, you will have to put down $120 for ever $100 that you earn. So if you want to bet say $240 and the Bruins end up winning the game, you will win $440 (the initial $240 plus another $200).

However, if you think the Sabres would win and place your bet on them of say $100, you would win $200 (your $100 plus another $120 payout) if the Sabres did end up winning.

NHL Hockey Betting – The Puck Line

Betting through the puck line is popular if a bettor wants to increase the amount of money that they can win. It generally works the same way a spread works. To win, the team you placed your bet on musts win by a specific number of goals. On the other hand, if you decide to bet on the weaker team, then you are able to earn winnings if they lose per less than a specific number of goals. Puck line betting is not recommended for beginners since it becomes very difficult to predict at times.

Here are a few valuable NHL hockey betting tips to take into consideration:

  • Before you start wagering your money on the next hockey game, it would be wise for you to brush up on your knowledge of the game. The internet is a great way to get started, as there are tons of resources, articles, and newspapers with great information.
  • It’s better to bet on the playoffs than just any regular-season game. Betting rookies will have a better chance at winning this way. Good hockey fans usually have the sense of who can come out ahead in the series of playoffs, so betting on series is much more advantageous as compared to betting on individual hockey games.
  • Do some research if you plan on moving your way to betting on individual games. Knowing your players, the statistics of the goalie, who is injured, and so on will make a huge difference. The more you know, the better off you are for winning your NHL hokey betting.
  • Finally, a good, solid sports betting guide system could make it or break it for you. There are many out there and not all are made equal.