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Outside Additions to Your Home

Outside Additions to Your Home

Sports lovers are bound to have some sort of sport addition added to their home. Whether they have a small area in the house where they can practice their putting or have a wall where they can shoot darts, they have something to keep them entertained.

If you find yourself with some extra disposable income to get rid of, you could add an even bigger addition to your home built from ranch house plans with two master bedrooms. Something that would really impress your sport-fanatic buddies would be a batting cage. This addition is something that everyone would love. You could find a great place somewhere amid all that empty acreage you have and build a structure that would be perfect for a batting cage. The addition would be great for those who like to play baseball, but don’t always have lots of other people around to play with. With a batting cage you would get a machine that would pitch the balls to you. This way you can play baseball by yourself whenever you like.

Another really extravagant addition to your house made from contemporary home plans is to add on an entire football field. If you have the room on your property, why not? All you really need to do is make sure the grass is the kind that you would prefer, paint some lines on the ground and maybe install some uprights. If you have a big enough yard, this really doesn’t take that much work. If you really wanted to get fancy with your football field, you could also add in some bleachers. You might also have a miniature concession stand located nearby that serves refreshments and perhaps some hot dogs. If you aren’t really the football type, but prefer soccer, a soccer field would work as well. A soccer field might even be easier to create. All you would need to do is buy some goals to put on either end of the field.

If baseball and football aren’t your thing, maybe basketball is more your speed. With a basketball court you will need to pour the flooring rather than using grass. Once you have the floor in place, placing the hoops at either end of the court will be simple. If your home built from spanish style house plans has ample room to spare, you could even make an indoor basketball court. With an indoor court you could have some really fancy wooden floors painted with the appropriate colors. Whatever type of outdoor addition you plan to make to your home, you will be guaranteed that your family and friends will enjoy it for years to come.